😞 What’s wrong with the new MacBooks Pros? | iJustine

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  1. The Love Shaq says:

    You're actually a legend @ijustine

  2. RayPosSiable says:

    Is your favourite singer Sia?

  3. Ashraful Haq says:

    Less talk more tech

  4. Manan Patel says:

    iJustine your videos are so lit that even the sun is jealous of them! keep up the good work

  5. Daisy McInnes says:

    "I had other priorities… VIDEO GAMES" That's totally the person who sits next to me in class!

  6. gEorBad says:

    5k well spent =P

  7. Alexander Owen says:

    12 inch Macbook vs 13 inch Macbook Pro which one should I get for college?

  8. Lluis CaΓ±adell says:

    In my opinion, 95% of the times windows will be better when doing work-related stuff. Recently sold my macbook pro to buy a lenovo and it has been great.

  9. Christopher Youse says:

    I would never buy an Apple product. They cost too much and do too little.

  10. Kristy Schirmer says:

    So I got the new MacBook pro a few days ago. I thought I made s good decision buying mac computer but hearing her rant maybe I should head back and return it and get the last version.

  11. Emzy Barbie says:

    she's such a air head. she's not getting to any point and I'm so lost listening to her. I'm not watching anymore videos lol

  12. Thomas P says:

    If Justine is saying ur doing it wrong to apple they had better get there Shit together

  13. Lorenzo Munisami says:

    for only 2500$

  14. Lorenzo Munisami says:

    get the dell xps with a gtx1050ti😐way better than macbooks

  15. Lorenzo Munisami says:

    Wait what 5000$πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. justin lex says:

    Awesome theme song 😎

  17. kazakh mustang says:

    damn, i remember watching her in 2006 or 2010 or something, nothing seem to change so far

  18. RIVX SPONGE says:

    apple is the best because they make other company develop technology , in fact usb c

  19. carly jackson says:

    OMG!! mine did the same thing!πŸ™

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