11.6″ Macbook Air Unboxing!


11.6″ Macbook Air (re)Unboxing!
Our Macbook Air test unit had to go back to Apple, but I loved it so much, I picked one up for myself. It has a 1.6 GHZ Core 2 Duo Chip, 4 GB of RAM, and 128 Flash HD.

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11″ Macbook Air Unboxing
11″ Macbook Air Unboxing
11″ Macbook Air Unboxing
11″ Macbook Air Unboxing

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  1. Xa says:

    Where did you get this

  2. MrAppledude007 says:

    depends for what you're gonna use it. If you need it for traveling you need the air but if you need it to edit pictures or videos or so you need the pro

  3. mithil patel says:

    Gettin one on 2013 christmas

  4. MrShootDat says:

    @ChantelMckenna Lol he got aliitle hard

  5. 23guitarfreak says:

    does it come with earbuds?

  6. chika ezeh says:


  7. Chantel Mckenna says:


  8. Rhyan Zabella says:

    @MrArreola2000 macbook pro

  9. KISB16 says:

    Getting one for my birthday… Too bad my birthday is in July xD

  10. juan carlos arreola genel says:

    My Dream MacBook air!!!!!!!!

  11. juan carlos arreola genel says:

    what one should i buy macbook air or macbook pro

  12. Jasmine says:

    my dream laptop <3

  13. Adli Bachtiar says:

    its as thin as the words we type

  14. Razer Naga says:

    The slogan should be: MacBook Air, air inside

  15. Eddie Pleasant says:

    5:45, loooool

  16. yesh yoew says:

    Funny if you went here after you see macbook air at 9GAG
    to see if it really has transparent screen

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