12″ MacBook vs 13″ MacBook PRO – 2017 Models!

Comparing the 2017 MacBook vs the 2017 MacBook Pro. Its a tough choice but really depends what you use your MacBook for!

Which would you take?

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  1. Luke Hall says:

    Still want the MacBook because of the 256gb

  2. Android Study says:

    How about running programming IDE's like Android Studio or xcode and a bunch of text editors? How is the performance on the base models?

  3. URIBeFILM says:

    You actúa can edit 4 k video on MacBook 💻
    Fake news here.

  4. Cory L says:

    Love your channel & love apple. I have the watch, ipad and Iphone would love a macbook just can't aford it. Done with PC

  5. the truth says:

    Jinho Baek (pronounced Beck). Korean name. He's rad ! Congrats for winning!

  6. BC A says:

    web surfing, emailing, watching youtube, download torrents, streaming, just buy 10~12inch android tablet and bluetooth keyboard+mouse. you can do everything you want with that, and it only costs maximum 600$ minimum 300$. And if you really need PC, then wake your pc on lan, and do remote desktop. Your windows desktop with 4-8core cpu will kill those overpriced laptops.

  7. Haha says:

    12 vs 13 inches Oooooo😏

  8. Alex Gonzalez says:

    I just wanna know which one is better for gaming 😂😂😂

  9. Pietro Di Meglio says:

    I hope Apple drops the MacBook Air and reduces the cost of the MacBook

  10. mitchy bonita says:

    new subbie here..it helps a lot on my decision making…i really wanted to have one for my vlog..

  11. Potato says:

    I need a computer for school, taking notes, social media, and watching Netflix. Wich one would you recommend? 😊💻

  12. Super Saiyan 3 says:

    fuck dongles. fuck the newer macbooks….fuck the higher prices

  13. Jimmy Dinh says:

    You are HOT

  14. Pikachu says:

    Thanks now I will buy Macbook pro in 2020 beacause it will be the end of support of windows 10 🙁
    R.I.P Windows 10!

  15. Himani Raval says:

    Which one is best for people learning programming in university

  16. Jayvee Aurea says:

    Actually, We as pressured students in Asia, we really need the pro stuff. Its a testimony from me and I'm not regretting my MacBook Pro 12 inch

  17. Dave Woei says:

    so the macbook 12 inch is better for college students?

  18. hedegaard8 says:

    Who’s this douche?

  19. Jeff Tin-Long says:

    I like how you say the prices, but can you also say it with the Canadian price. Since you're in Toronto, it kinda makes sense right?

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