13″ 2017 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Unboxing and Review

2017 MacBook Pro 13 Review and Unboxing! 2017 MacBook Pro with touch bar is it worth it? or is it a MacBook air on the inside? Find out in this video all the pros and cons of the new MacBook Pro-2017 with touch bar. This 13″ model has a lot of power but still, has its pros and cons watch this video to find out if the 2017 MacBook Pro with touch bar is right for you!

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  1. Maushami's World says:

    13 comments 23 likes what you deserve more

  2. Isobel Mcmullenhansom says:

    Bro what's the serial number

  3. Carlo says:

    Good job. I like the way specs are shown. How did you do it? What app did you use?

  4. Chrono™ says:

    Are the keys backlit?

  5. Yeny Gomez says:

    what app did you have open when the touch bar showed the rainbow colors @ 1:15 min

  6. Crazy-Heart says:

    nice review. I'd prefer more RAM than having the touch bar..

  7. Miss SuperGenius says:

    Check out my channel please

  8. Breaking News says:

    I just got this same model, but at $1483 with discounts, less than the $1799 MSRP. Was it a deal? Yes imho. I was going to go with a $1499 256GB nTB, but it was more expensive by $16. If you can get it for under $1500 I suggest getting the TB version. Touch ID is a must now.

  9. Zikki Toulouras says:

    Fuck this Mexican or Indian bastard guy and his stolen macbook

  10. Victor Bayas says:

    I want a fuck*** MacBook Pro but I have to comply with laptop powered by a 3rd gen i7 and Win10.

  11. Golden rush Vlogs says:

    From:Golden Rush vlogs To:Royal Tech can we meet up just DM me on Instagram @joseph8427

  12. Golden rush Vlogs says:

    He lives in Calgary

  13. SUMIT 4 YOU says:

    Mera channel ko subscribe karo plesss Bro plesss. I had subscribe your channel.

  14. Wood says:

    Ok so I don't care about the keyboard I still type with 2 fingers🤔😂

  15. Hiei says:

    You're comparing an old 2013 Quad Core 15" Macbook to a 2017 dual core 13" Macbook. It has nothing to do with upgrading the processor. Upgrading the processor on the 13" Macbook does almost nothing it's still a dual core. If you want to do a lot of video editing an performance really matters you need the 15" model, it's that simple.

    13" is the one I own, an maybe it 2018" they'll finally add a quad core CPU & discrete GPU. But until then the 15" Macbook is the one you need for intensive video edits.

  16. Mark S says:

    BTW there is another way to enter safe mode on Windows 10. When you go to the start menu and click the power icon, hover over "restart", hold SHIFT and then left click, this will take you into a menu where you can select "boot into safe mode"

  17. Lucas says:

    I'm getting this model soon 🎉

  18. Sandi Mardiansyah says:

    watching this video on my 2012 macbook pro 😀

  19. Neumonic Videos says:

    Macbook not pros, but its macbook cons… This is the time for surface master race

  20. adhil muhammed says:

    i think you did a lot of sub4sub because even though you have 13k subs you only have 6 comments and 258 view what the hell!!!

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