2.4 GHz Core i5 or Core i7 2.66 GHz MacBook Pro? i5 vs i7 Benchmarks & Which one you should get!

2.4 GHz Core i5 or Core i7 2.66 GHz MacBook Pro? i5 vs i7 Benchmarks & Which one you should get!

In this video we go through the shared specs, differences and take the i5 & i7 in a head to head showdown in an array of speed tests.

déballage MacBook Pro fin 2011 15

je vous présente dans cette video le déballage de mon nouvelle ordinateur après avoir passe une dizaine d’année sur windows je décide enfin de passer sur mac.

lien du store educ’ d’Apple: http://store.apple.com/fr/browse/home/education_routing

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  1. Nathyn Brendan Masters says:

    Wow, dude, your old vids. LOL.

  2. mikey webb says:

    yep got my i5 macbook pro 2.5ghz with 8g corsair ram and 120g kingston ram extreme 500g HHD makes it really quick love it. 

  3. Nick Maresca says:

    So its not that big of a jump for home use, like casual gaming BF3, ArmA3, etc…?

  4. blickwinkel says:

    What's about the 2011 MacBook Pro 13"?
    i5 2,5 GHz vs. i7 2,9 GHz

  5. Danny Morales says:

    Great review, but I'm still not sure which one to get. I am a journalist and I use my laptop ALOT, but I only use it for email, web, to upload photos and videos, and iMovie and photoshop. I was wondering if i could get your two cents on the matter. I emphasize again I am on my laptop ALOT.

  6. piperojful says:

    Hey Jon! why dont you make the same tests but with the third gen of prossesors? 🙂 (i7 and i5)

  7. Scott Houslay says:


  8. Shannon Suber says:

    how would u know if u kno more about windows than me u dont know what college (yes college young grasshopper) i graduated from lol. and age matters b.c when u were running around the school yard for play time i was programming lol not tryna be smart u probably do know a lot maybe more (doubt it, once again not trying to be smart).

  9. Shannon Suber says:

    i avtually bought a toshiba i7 satellite have had it for a couple of months so far so good. apples do last but just too much money and im no good with their os anyway…

  10. AZ09astrophysicist says:

    i5 vs i7 my advise: if you got the money, Go For It Honey, but if you ain't got the dough, Don't Go For It Bro

  11. Paul Fulgencio says:

    I switched to apple 2009. Honestly…. After playing with it for a couple hours it's not that hard to figure out how most of it works. It's worth the money. 

  12. Steven Phillips says:

    I had my first Apple 2 years ago. I've found OS X is much simpler and easier to use, also more powerful, secure, and takes up less resources than Windows. They are expensive, but you get what you pay for. They spend time engineering their products to work flawlessly. While I've seen first hand that other Laptop companies will just put any combination of parts together. From personal experiences i would rather pay for something that i know will work. 

  13. Shannon Suber says:

    I just bought a toshiba i7 today hope it last. Apple do last long but u cant deny they are very expensive and i cant spend that much on a computer let alone re learn one. I didnt grow up using apple and dont feel like learning their system. Im only 24 but know the ins and outs of windows

  14. Steven Phillips says:

    When your cheapo Acer made of plastic breaks in a year, i'll still be enjoying my Macbook Pro for the next 5 🙂 

  15. Shannon Suber says:

    Cannot for the life of me understand why anybody would spend that much on an apple computer. Acer has an i7 17" laptop for 650.00 i think ill choise that and save a sh*t load of money!

  16. Adam B says:

    @mcalgar Alienware laptops are not the best on the market.

  17. Adam B says:

    VRAM does not equal GPU power. Just because one has twice as much, does not mean it is twice as powerful.

  18. Eric Sundqvist says:

    @majinimouth99 Yes. No problem!

  19. mcalgar says:

    @XRANKEDGAMERZ a normal laptop, cause is going to do the same and for half price. And if you are a richfag just go into Alienware if you want the best laptops in market

  20. Frederic Galifi says:

    belle pomme XD

  21. Barta バータ says:

    ok tu as depense ton argent pour ca p'tain

  22. Maéva Gaming says:

    sa existe un ordi à 100 € svp 😂✌

  23. YAOURT says:

    J'aime bien les macs, bon c'est chère est tu aurais pus acheter un mieux à ce prix là mais tu ne compte pas jouer dessus, donc bon choix

  24. Zendaya K says:

    T'es toute exité rien qu'en entandant ta voix😂😂😂et pour le macbook pro 15 pouce il y a pas moins cher que 2000€?

  25. Christian NGUYEN says:

    Mec j'aurais regretté a ta place. T'aurais pu avoir 5x mieux ohlolooooo t'es pas serieux

  26. Telo Perea says:

    Prend un macbook air c'est moin cher sa a l epeseur d une feuille de papier

  27. StreetArt BeauArt says:

    Un ordinateur hyper beau mais hyper cher 

  28. leFoue971 Jean-Romain says:

    Je veux le même.

  29. L'observateur says:

    2000€ pour un P'tain de Mac mais tes con tu aurais pris un Asus Republic of Gamer tu aurait eut un truc plus puissant et presque à moitié prix ! 

  30. mordjane momo says:

    ta de la chance je le veut mes il coute tres tres cher

  31. Chloe PinkVallée says:

    il est pqs un peut trot cher mais sa vos le coup lol

  32. Zooel says:

    Thunderbolt appartient à Intel :P

  33. naito 76 says:


  34. The MonsterCake says:

    Salut je voulais savoir si ton Mac tournais toujours aussi bien ? :)

  35. Rayan IR2xis says:

    nemesis  moi je lis toujours les notice con jachete une console ou pc je sais pas pourquoi

  36. R fortech says:

    moi j'ai acheter mon tout premier produit apple ce samedi (un ipod shuffle )  et je suis tomber amoureux de la façon d'on il emballe  les produits etc … vivement mon deuxième produit apple (ipod touch 5g yellow)

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