2017 iMac Wish List

It might not happen, but if I was in charge of Apple, this is what I’d do.

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  1. Xi Le says:

    Will iMac 2017 have HDMi port like the one in retina Macbook Pro or Mac Pro?

  2. Allan Sh says:

    Vega GPU and thunderbolt 3 are all I need

  3. Rarrrrrr says:

    I want to fuck this man

  4. Ragekage says:

    i REALLY enjoy the idea with the dock for wireless charging GO APPLE SHEEP

  5. Rarrrrrr says:

    Great review! Man hurry and release the new iMac god dammit I'm sick of waiting

  6. Ashley Hrudowsky says:

    whats your problem with headphone jacks? we cant all afford Bluetooth headphone.. rather then Macs.. Please apple, dont make your products accessible for everyone! seriously.. what the hell.

  7. Riley Emel says:

    Why not put ports on the bottom, under the display?

  8. dela vago says:

    I want headphone jack and standard USB along with thunderbolt 3

  9. Peter Windle says:

    cool video… nice wish list buddy… I like the plugs on the stand idea… even better idea… a choice of different stands with different port options… how good would that be? I predict they may even drop the whole "i" prefix and it will become the new "Mac"

  10. MattMattson says:

    I know an Imac isnt the audio engineers computer of choice, but unfortunately not many high end interfaces are USB-C ready yet which would kindof suck for us.. Can you go firewire 800 to thunderbolt to usb-c?

  11. iHelpEveryOne Tech&ApplePro says:

    nice video bro – u r good editor as well .
    I agree with u bro .

  12. Austinkuehl2016 says:

    what about iPad mini 4 2015 to now like 2 year

  13. Mojex says:

    You sir are so fun to watch, keep up the good work! One question tho. You said the new iMac will come out late 2017. Do you have a source which confirmes this? Cause I want to buy a new iMac but am not sure if I can wait that long. Other sources say it will come out this month(March). Hope to hear from you to clear things up.

  14. NerdieStuff Anime says:

    Dc what you guys say I hope it's more optimum for gaming this time round.

  15. Replicanoob says:

    wish list:

    removing the black bezel around it would make it look so cool, think about it

    USB C

    GTX graphics

  16. Eric Wezzel says:


  17. Rui Wang says:

    I just hope there will be a new imac in 2017

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