2017 Macbook Pro 13″ i5 vs 2016 MacbookPro 13″ i7 Benchmarks

2016 MacbookPro i7 vs 2017 MacbookPro i5 Benchmarks, speed test, hard disk, cpu and graphics

HP Spectre x360 Kaby Lake i7 vs MacBook Pro 13 Space Gray 2016.

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HP Spectre x360 vs MacBook Pro 13
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  1. Ray McCarthy says:

    Hey how does the ram affect these scores? I'm looking at the i7 with 8 or 16gb ram. Not sure how iOS uses ram, is it as heavy as Windows?

  2. Chad Christian says:

    If you guys could take the 2 seconds to click that thumbs up and Subscribe. I put in 12 hours on this video. Thank you guys!

  3. Lydia Woods says:

    Great info! Heading to purchase the 360x tomorrow and was scouring through YouTube videos on how they hold up against the MB Pro. Most helpful video I found!

  4. Manuel Ardavin says:

    It now comes with the pen. Make a review of the new one with the pen

  5. Adam Bury says:

    I recently purchased the 2017 X360 with 4K display and pen support after having a Mac for 6 years. It seems Apple just aren't innovating the Macs like they used to as they are putting the majority of their focus on the iPhones. The current range of macs really don't excite me at all, but this new Spectre…WOOHOO! This is one NICE laptop right here. Really pushes the boundaries of what I feel is more future proof in terms of redesigning the laptop. It's taken me a few days to get used to all the windows 10 commands and shortcuts etc but looking at the direction of where windows is going, it's looking pretty darn good. The only reason I got my mac 6 years ago is because at the time it worked (and still does) flawlessly with the DJ software I use (Traktor) but apparently windows 10 now is just as good. Great video Chad. I'm also loving the new beast. Looking forward to more videos from your channel.

  6. MyLinh Pham says:

    Great review. Thanks:)

  7. Kitty Rocoa says:

    I think people under-estimate the Mac, as the retina screen has amazing colours and you can see the difference in the whites on screen…and for some reasons Macs just work so well, and have an enthesis on user experience…I love the x360, and in terms of price you gotta go with the x360 in terms of cost – but I windows app store is terrible which will limit the use of the device; and Mac 2in1 would be amazing!

  8. toby blue says:

    maybe this is just a time difference but since this video came out, the Spectre has put out the active pen that is included in the box… dedicated pen support with Windows ink. Really great conclusion though, typically I'll come to Apple's rescue and throw out how much more efficient Apple's hardware is but this is just a price difference that makes the review wonky. A few days ago I saw the ash and gold version of the Spectre x360 and it doubled the ram AND had 512 GB of memory running Windows Pro for in the $1300's. I admire that they can be the "get more bang for your buck" kind of sellers but I don't think I could blame ANYONE for taking Apple's quality over it. Some great points made and yeah, I think that because of price, HP takes this round. If your price point were more inelastic though… MacBook pros would be the only real option.

  9. AoT-Cobalt says:

    The 2017 HP Spectre has Pen Support, just got it yesterday, loving the 2017 model.

  10. Will Eison says:

    There is a pen for the hp spectre x360

  11. FastRedPonyCar says:

    good comparison. The new Spectre in the dark ash color has the 4k screen and active digitizer/pen support!

  12. Ubiquitous Reverser says:

    Just so you know the base models SSD is upgradable

  13. HGSP says:

    I'm pretty sure the hp has a pen now right?

  14. Amit Johri says:

    And thanks for your support at this late hour you doing nice job i like your channel and best​ of luck buddy.

  15. Amit Johri says:

    hey i am a moderate user not a heavy gamer but sometime play decent games and though i am a python developer so which laptop should i buy and also not a video editor so should i buy a dedicated graphics card laptop or the other one

  16. Amit Johri says:

    Hello hey i need some help will you please suggest me the laptop i should buy weather a Macbook13 with touch bar or some Windows laptop like hp Spectre or razer blade i had a budget of 1800$

  17. Amit Johri says:

    are you bound to hp Spectre because you don't take Mac book Pro with touch bar

  18. GTMotor says:

    thank you chad. i want to know what about pen stylus performance in hp spectre x360?

  19. Jon Doh says:

    The Spectre now has pen support and includes a pen. So now is it a five star rating?

  20. Invisible ? says:

    the Best Head to Head

  21. Muhammad Irfan says:

    Very nice comparison, can MacBook Pro handle ms office same as windows ??

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