3 Reasons the New Macbook Pro SUCKS

3 Reasons the New Macbook Pro SUCKS

Apple just announced the new Macbook Pro. Find out why a lot of Apple fans are extremely disappointed in the new lineup.

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  1. Aleksandar be together not the same says:

    apple make people stupid and stupid people love obsolete cheap iShit people are really stupid

  2. Nghia Tran says:

    Bro, there are function keys, press the fn button. So boring at the end

  3. fawkesianaut 23 says:

    Sounds like Apple is dying.

  4. ASkylitDrive89 says:

    I don't understand the whining about this whole topic. I`ve used windows pcs for my entire life and it was okay. I switched to able for two reasons – usability an quality. im stunned with what I've received with my MacBook Pro. yes I´ve bought a late 2016 macbook in late 2017 but who cares. the performance is outstanding and even close to being fully maxed out it costed me 2400€ and to be honest – a dell xps 9560 with 4k-screen would have nearly cost me the same feeling way cheaper than the apple. the dongles are a letdown, thats right – but I don't use external devices that often – only once or twice a day. the 30 seconds it takes me to get everything connected are in no way a deal breaker. i just enjoy the usability and the comfort this machine gives me and I am happy with it.

  5. The Kid Flys says:

    I sent photo shop an email telling them their software was so fat it would not work in my skinny laptop.. and demanded a full refund… still waiting?…hmm..looks like your correct again!!

  6. The Triggerati says:

    The touchbar is retarded. Just get BetterTouchTool. You can customize your touchpad and keyboard with all kinds of custom gestures for each program.

  7. Paul Williams says:

    USB C is already the norm

  8. Greenspud Trades says:

    I'm done with Apple after this. Migrated to Android a few years ago now I'm going to get a different laptop next time. I could do most everything I need on Linux

  9. Arvyn De says:

    I have a question for all of you haters… IF APPLES' PRODUCT IS SO BAD, THEN WHY DOES APPLE HAVE THE HIGHEST MARKET CAP? APPLE = 730.06 BILLION, > MICROSOFT = 487.11 BILLION . I admit that the ports could be annoying but its the future and many companies are making money off of dongles, its a job creator.

  10. Dian Yu says:

    By the way, the esc and functions are in the touchbar, so Apple didn't take them away. For the function keys, you press fn. esc is always there on the touchbar. 😁

  11. spicydoggo says:

    the function keys are still there. you just press fn.

  12. the game says:

    "They're taking away functions… and there's no escape". Priceless

  13. Ash The Duke says:

    ty i rather buy the 2015

  14. Kyle Tumanda says:

    nice vid bro. Can you hit me with a sub dude? that would make me feel really good about the neck beard that i have right now bro. yeah boiiiiiii. asain squad for lyfffffe.#yellowyolo

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