5 Things I Hate About Mac OS X Mavericks!

5 Things I Hate About Mac OS X Mavericks!

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  1. JustRant says:

    Never experienced these issues.

  2. Lightnin991 says:

    I've got El Capitan and it's worse than the previous OS. I hate these bloody stupid names they give to their operating systems. I hate the fact that you don't get an an external disc drive with an iMac. I hate the fact that Passbook failed after about 18 months. I hate the fact that the Mail program doesn't recognise my virgin email address so I can't do what my chums do and that is forward a link to a web page because I get the error message "Cannot send message using the server smpt.virgin.net". I hate the fact that every minute or so I get a message saying that I can't access iCloud because it has a problem with my virgin email address. (Even when I am already using iCloud). I hate the fact that it doesn't like Adobe so that whenever I try to open a pdf document I get that bloody beach ball spinning round for 5 minutes and sometimes have to restart the computer to get rid of it. Above all I hate the fact that I was conned into spending £1500.00 on a pile of compost. I could have bought a pc pile of compost for half the price!!

  3. Worldwide Ghosts says:

    I really like Mavericks as I definitely prefer the way it looks and it's a little faster than Yosemite and El Capitan. I do try them but keep going back to Mavericks.

  4. Josh Mar says:

    I Hate the UI but I love the Yosemite UI.

  5. Rivers says:

    Lion and Mountain lion were to be frank a complete joke, my presumption is that a lot of these issues derived from there.
    I held out on snow leopard for years and finally made the jump when totalspaces got to a good place, because i loath mission control.
    Ive learnt that upgrading the OS is never a good idea. All problems on the last OS usually hang around.
    I now have everything including music, libraries, games etc… on an seperate internal HD including my Users folder which you can relocate via the system prefs, and just have the bare bones OS on an ssd, this way a fresh install when you decide to jump up versions is childs play and a lot faster to do.

    Ive had many issues with macs over the years and i know those networking issues are more SL related than mavericks.
    I would suggest cmd K in the finder and direct connect over afp and see if the issue persists.

  6. Kip Vaughan says:

    1. Bouncing dock icons (could use something like a slow pulse that wouldn't annoy you as you are working on something else.)
    2. Can't tag bookmarks in Safari, you have to use the work around of search for them in the Finder then tag them. Why?
    3. Spotlight lacks many great Finder Features.
    4. Spotlight window can now get taller but not wider.
    5. Can't select application documents with the arrow key (in the right column that is. Ideally you should select Pages and then right arrow over to the Pages docs and use down arrow to select your doc.
    6. Dock stacks have been almost completely untouched since their intro in Leopard. Just like with Spotlight many Finder features need to get moved over.
    7. No TouchID so you have to keep looking up passwords all the time. There is keychain but it has had some security problems as of late.
    8. Tags support should be a lot more advanced. (tag clouds, related tags, should be able to drag tag groupings into the dock.)
    9. Split iTunes in about ten different apps.
    X. Get rid of the "X". Nobody understands that it is supposed to be a roman numeral so they always pronounce it wrong.

  7. Mark Iannelli says:

    Did you upgrade? It looks like you haven't. If you don't upgrade, you will experience these issues until you do upgrade.

  8. globalman says:

    My macbook pro HD crashed a few months back. Result a new hard drive of 1tb which was nice. Without asking me they upgraded me to osx 10.9.5 which I thought wow that's nice. What I wasn't told is that meant Mavericks …… something I was avoiding since it came out. I was still on Snow Leopard and very happy.
    I HATE MAVERICKS FOR ALL YOUR 5 REASONS AND ABOUT 5 MORE OF MY OWN. I won't list them here. One I just discovered tonight …… added a contact and wanted to upload a photo from my computer…… NO one cannot do that any longer. It gives several options, on a ridiculous bunch of default crap and NONE of the others work for me.
    Notes is a nightmare. For some reason I make a note and it multiplies itself 5 times as I am typing.
    Mostly the function to press control and swipe the mouse pad no longer works to enlarge the page quickly. Doesn't work at all in FB so I cannot really type messages or comments any longer, nor clearly see certain photos. This was vital for these older eyes. I cannot be flip every time to push command and + over and over.
    Finder was wonderful is now a nightmare. My films were had one folder to the left, a folder for all pictures, and there was a today, yesterday and entire week. Any activity of the day was listed in the today. It made my going back to things much easier than having to search through hundreds of files.
    That is the short list.
    Safari is crap and the whole system in gereral is insufferably slow. That little coloured wheel appears at every, EVERY action I do now. Formerly it was fast. Every application opens with the speed of a snail.
    DO YOU THINK IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO GO BACK TO SNOW LEOPARD. I am not a tech nerd and don't need an ever spiralling downward of so called innovations.
    Cheers from the Netherlands.

  9. badjujuwan says:

    Switched over from windows to Mac last year and hate iBooks is separate from iTunes. I spent a lot of time organizing and tagging my books(external epub) in Caibre and iTunes and Mavericks did not let you do that in iBooks. In Mavericks, I was able to delete iBooks and manage books in iTunes.

    Yosemite does not give you that option. It just sucks!

  10. Jamie Otis says:

    RemoteDisc problem, I would go to the mac with the superdrive and set preferences in sharing to NOT Ask me before allowing users to use my DVD drive option…

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