A Look At The First Apple Laptop: Macintosh Portable & Comparison To MacBook Pro

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Canoopsy 2014.
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  1. DinoRexGamingHD says:

    20 years from now by 2030 the evil rothchild and rockerfeller bloodlines want to wipe us out by 95%

  2. 7h3 m057 4u71571c y0u7u83 Ch4n37 3v3r says:

    I'd still buy the macintosh portable

  3. HyperSonic2006 says:

    +Canoopsy I was not born in 1989 but my birthday is september 20th

  4. Billy P. says:

    I'm sure; you could get that battery repacked; you should look into getting it rebuilt, it can be done. On the other hand; if you were able to complete the battery circuit, I would assume it would boot up then as well.
    Here is another known solution; you CAN run it without a battery: "You can use a PowerBook 100-series AC adapter to run the Portable without the internal lead-acid battery. However, you will lose PRAM settings if you unplug the power (date, time, cache size, etc.)" http://lowendmac.com/1989/mac-portable/

  5. Snazzy Labs says:

    Dude…. where you get dis?! Such new. Many impressive!

  6. Kevin Wotipka says:

    A lead acid battery? Seriously? That's so 1940.

  7. Javier Peregrino says:

    I had one of these back in 1999. It was one of my best computing experience of my then young life. I miss the old boy. It was lots of fun. JP

  8. moonlitphantasm says:

    I bought my MacBook Pro in 2013. I got the maxed out version with quad core processors, 16 gigs of RAM and a 765 gig solid state hd and 15" retina display. It cost nearly 4g but worth every penny. It boots up and is ready to work in 5 seconds. The same as it did when I purchased it. Oh and it's never given me one single problem. Yeah they're expensive. But speaking for me the product quality and performance trumps the cost issue.

  9. ΔCID VIBES says:

    Hello, my name is canoopsy XD 'creative'

  10. DAVIDSDIEGO says:

    Great showcase of the Macintosh Portable! I'd like to take mine to a Starbucks one day. 🙂

  11. StickFiguresMaster says:

    can it play youtube videos?! :O

    dear know it alls, no shit sherlock holmes I AM JOKING

  12. jhull2003 says:

    Thats a sick laptop but it would be better if that mouse thing was on the right but that's a nice laptop

  13. Michael Cui says:

    3800th subscriber

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