AMD Hackintosh: How to install OS X Mavericks 10.9.0 and update to 10.9.5


Links: Niresh Distro USB Mavericks installer:

10.9.5 Combo Update:

Patched 10.9.5 AMD kernel:

Mav Kexts (get the one that is 822.93KB in size):

Terminal Commands:
—————commands to make usb drive———–
diskutil list
sudo dd if=(drag your DMG here and then type the next thing)of=/dev/r(your identifier) bs=1m
————show hidden files————————
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
————login as administrator———————–
sudo -s
———-Move contents from BSA/Patched AMD kernel folders to Mac disk——-
ditto (drag and drop folder BSA folder)(drag and drop folder with same name in mac disk)
-x (boots into safe mode)
-v (verbose mode, shows you what goes wrong if there are issues)
-f (used when changes have been made in the installation)

I have an FX 8350, so this process should work exactly like it did for me with a similar processor, but i have also installed on a phenom ii (although i havent updated to 10.9.5 on the phenom yet). Hope you enjoy. Like, share, and subscribe

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  1. JAMM Produção Audiovisual says:

    Obrigado! kernel=amd no .plist resolve automatic boot

  2. Suibex says:

    How to download the drivers? help me i dont know how to download graphics driver i using amd a4 4000

  3. cornell jeffers says:

    Strange enough I tried many times and I don't get a boot loader at all when I restart to boot from flash

  4. Demy Kromhof says:

    users with intel processors dont need this mac is made for intel so niresh automatically install reboot fix which actually will lead to that intel users just can update via app store without patched kernels they only need to install update via app store and done amd users need patched kernels beside i have soon a new computer wth i5 but thanks dude for this tutorial its working awesome on phenom ii x4 925 4 cores 4 gb ram it works just smooth thanks for this tutorial do uosemite i know how to update to yosemite i ambprof at mac but fot the users who dont know this guy should make a tutorial for yosemite update awesome video keep it up see you on the next video

  5. Júnior Porciúncula says:

    Simply amazing! Works flawless. Thanks!

  6. Vishal Nagar says:

    hey hi.thanks for video. i successfully install mac os…but after completion. the resolution of screen remain 800×600 and my graphic is so low. and i thik my graphic card not support to mac os. pc config – amd fx8350. graphic .sapphire r7 240 1 gb gddr5
    mother board – same that u have.
    please help

  7. ManutheChief says:

    Hey there! Great tutorial so far! My only issue is my memory:
    In the system info it says, the speed is at 667Mhz but physicaly it is at 1333Mhz. For me it doesn't look like i get the full speed of it.
    Is it like that or is it just wrong written in the system report?
    I got a fx 8350 cpu
    And ga-990fxa-ud3 (rev3.0) from gigabyte
    And memory is g.skill [ripjaws] f3-12800cl9d-4gbrl (2x2gb)
    Onybody any idea? Thx in advance!

  8. Mohamed Mohamed says:

    Best explanation I've seen in my life on YouTube
    I hope that people learn from you how to put Tutorials on YouTube
    Merry Christmas

  9. LiiionSODMG says:

    My hackintosh restarts when i try to boot it it says CPU halted

  10. Daniel Oliveira says:

    Genius! It's working nicely and smoothly on my A8 6600K, the only problem I can't get rid of are the crackling sounds when playing audio, this is driving me totally nuts.

  11. Andre Coutinho says:

    Tks a lot man!

  12. R Flexx says:

    hey, awesome tutorial! really clear, the thing is: Im stuck at this "installing software update" screen. Yes it is still working but there is no time being displayed and it has been like this for almost 2 hours now…

    wonder if someone could help me out here, Cheers!

  13. Nick Germaine says:

    You should do movie trailers. great voice. srsly, get into voice acting.

  14. Daryl Marcano says:

    ok so i followed your guide to the letter (as best as i can with my hardware). had a complete success with the install and the upgrade…. can u help with getting the videocard to be recognized tho? it seems i have an unsupported one that requires DSDT injection, all examples are of pcs but im using a laptop. so the architecture is different and i dont wanna crash it after all that work 🙂

  15. Davis Silva Melo says:

    What's music name??? Excelent soundtrack. (first music)

  16. Twan van Lexmond says:

    When I go to de link where I can download Niresh, my Google Chrome says "SSL connection error"… And I also tried it in Internet Explorer… Can I fix this?


    hi there ,do you know if this method will work with virtualbox as well ? newbie here sorry for the question.

  18. Yuriss ss says:

    Hi, I want update to 10.9.5.I did everything in video but my PC won´t boot after update.. even if i boot with amd -f -x :! any help?

  19. Kevin Sheth says:

    This method is just flawless!!! Thankyou so much for this video man, saved a lot of pain!!!

  20. Yoswin Freeman says:

    My jaw dropped to ground when I saw this video. My Hackintosh is AMD FX-8350, Asus M5A99GX Pro R2.0 mobo and Radeon R9 270X and 16Gb DDR3 1600 with 120Gb SSD near exactly the same. My H.I.T. has Mavericks 10.9.0 running and I really want to to upgrade it to 10.9.5. Following your instruction right now…..

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