Apple and Steve Jobs’ Biggest Mistakes Ep 1 – The Macintosh

The first episode in a miniseries about Steve Jobs’ and Apple Computer’s mistakes. I take a look at their two leading products in 1986.
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  1. kjemradio says:

    The quote Job's was thinking, and why so many are slaves to Apple. "You're not cool unless you own our stuff." Steve was a master manipulator, and loved selling ketchup Popsicle's to folks in white gloves plus no napkins. Sure Apple sells, but the stuff has not been good since they started using x86 Intel technology in 2006.

    My biggest gripe is that Apple holds your hand in all their products. You can do ANYTHING they don't want you to. Want to add your own ringtones outside iTunes? Can't do it (at least easily like ON Androids). They even tie the iPhone OS, RAM, and storage into one configuration. So if you get close to maxing out the storage it DOES corrupt the OS, and tanks the RAM (this happened to my girlfriends 6s iPhone a few months back. No way to add a microSD card like an Android can)

    Wanna add a new processor or more RAM to your MacBook Pro? Nope SOLDERED to the motherboard. Drop your new iPhone X three feet from floor, it'll crack that glass (it'll be worse if it lands face down).

    Apple has ALWAYS been about manipulation. It is smoke and mirrors for the most part. Yes I grew up in the 80s with the Apple ][ in elementary school and I loved it. Even as a kid; however, I knew there was more to be had.

    Apple will never truly dominate, and they never will. Not even with Cook at the helm. Android outsells iPhone (and for a hell of a lot less), PC's out sell Macs (again for a hell of a lot less), and face it Apple will always be about egos/status.

  2. Mountain Months says:

    apple vs apple? confirmed for apple fanboy

  3. Rod Munch says:

    It was all about the OS, but I didn't know GEOS was an Apple product, I only know it from my C64 days as a kid and having no idea what it was for and trying to write over the disks so I could save some programs I wrote – like a lottery number generator (I didn't know how write protected disks worked).

  4. dejvs says:

    It is simple: Macintosh was Steve Jobs product and Apple II was Steve Wozniak. And Jobs want that his computer bring world to new computer era – not Wozniaks.

  5. Chris Hanson says:

    The big difference between the IIgs and the Macintosh was that the Macintosh had lots of room to grow, the IIgs was hitting the limit of where you could really go while maintaining some measure of Apple II compatibility (instead of just emulation, eg the Mega II). From 1984 on, the Mac had a tradition of most apps sticking to public APIs in order to run on diverse hardware like the Mac 128, 512, and XL, and to allow adoption of new peripherals. This wasn’t common with Apple II software, especially in education and games, until the late 1980s—well after the IIgs and hard disks had enough market penetration. This is what allowed software for the original Macintosh to run largely unchnaged on the Macintosh II, the Quadra, and even the Power Macintosh, while upgrading virtually every part of the system.

  6. Michael Pohoreski says:

    You forgot his earlier mistakes:
    1st Mistake: Hiring an amateur to write DOS3.3
    2nd Mistake: Stupid 15 character filename limit in ProDOS

  7. bananian says:

    Maybe he thought a smaller computer and making it more portable makes it better than apple 2 at the expense of limited power.

  8. CorporalDanLives says:

    You're absolutely correct. I grew up with the Apple 2 GS and I was always baffled as to why anybody would want to McIntosh. It just seems like such a piece of junk in comparison.

  9. PKNINJA says:

    I do not believe that the lineup of todays apple products would be the same. I am no apply fanboy but I believe if the apple 2 line was continued and further advanced they would have never put the huge amount of attention in AIO machines such as the Macintosh. I think the result of this would be a lineup more similar to Microsoft PC towards etc. potentially never creating the iMac. It is only after the Macintosh that the iMac became a goal of apples. They may have made more money at the time but without the design concept of the Macintosh apple would be somewhere completely different today with there computer lineup.

  10. Mac33 says:

    The Mac Plus also introduced SCSI.

  11. CarnorJast1138 says:

    This video could be used to describe the iPhone craze…..The iPhone 10 has "innovative" features that Samsung has had on the Galaxy S8, and Apple decided to start using the "innovative" AMOLED display, which has been used by multiple phone companies for years now, but Apple "claims" their iPhone 10 is the best smartphone out there…..ummm, no. Apple is still playing catch-up, and the iPhone 10 is just another example of that. BUT, Apple fanbois flock to the Apple Store to buy another overpriced hunk-o-junk so they can be posers with this device.
    Oh please….give me a break. Hell, my "old" Galaxy S6 is still a better value than that iPhone 10 POS!
    And don't even start on the fiasco Samsung had with the Note 7….that was a one-time engineering issue that has since been resolved. Apple has had issues in the past as well, including fires with the iPhone 5, and its chargers…..but of course, Apple fanbois will ignore that….like they do anything negative with Apple….which is a very long list indeed!!!!!

  12. Aaron Paluzzi says:

    Loved this video, but still waiting on Ep 2. 😉

  13. Edward Combs says:

    remove the headphone jack

  14. Rostislav Alexandrovich says:

    amazingly best video describing why apple macintosh didnt work, i never got it until now – even thou have been reading books and watching videos – they never explained how…not groundbreaking the mac was

  15. Omer Shomrat says:

    Okay, I really don't understand some stuff…
    First of all, Steve Jobs left Apple at 1985, so how can he be "blamed" for what Apple did in 1986?
    Second – the original Macintosh in 1984 was the first consumer computer with a GUI and a mouse and so, while I'm really not an Apple fan (I'm not a fan of commercial companies anyway…) it does seem to me that it really changed our world. The Macintosh Plus in 1986 was probably not as good as the Apple 2 GS because and nevertheless much more expensive because… Apple, for whatever weird reason, chose to make it that way. I mean, what's to stop Apple from using 8 MB RAM and a colorful screen in the more expensive computer – the Macintosh Plus – and 4 MB RAM and a black-and-white screen in the cheaper Apple 2 GS? The only way I can think of in which it makes financial sense is if they think that there are enough ignorant customers which would prefer paying a 1000$ more for an inferior Macintosh instead of buying for a 1000$ less a superior Macintosh, but… That only makes sense if the original Macintosh was a commercial success – but it wasn't (whcih is one of the reasons Steve Jobs was forced to leave).

    However, this video really focuses on names and I find it hard to understand: if you look at PCs, for example, they usually don't have sophisticated names. You've got the name of the manufacturing company and the specs: what's the quality of the processor? How much RAM does it have?

  16. Th Jons says:

    macintosh was released in 1984 1,4000 dollars after 2 in a half years later apple released a apple IIGS wich was 999

  17. Max Crooks says:

    4:40 That's GSOS and I have that and also the IIGS system too

  18. goodmaki says:

    Steve Jobs was an opportunist scum who hated innovation and took other people's ideas without credit.

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