Apple introduces mac OS X Maverick’s at WWDC

Apple introduces mac OS X Maverick's at WWDC

Apple introduces the new OS X Maverick’s on WWDC 2013

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  1. Nicholas Gabriel says:

    this apple zombies dont care what shit comes out of his mouth they just
    worship the boss! all those people work for him! some slaves some masters!

  2. TheGamingChannel says:

    Believe me Maverick sucks!

  3. vashchris says:

    OS X Beaver would be much better.

  4. Dennis Zismer II says:

    You need to do something about the flickering in this fucking video. If its
    one thing in this world that I hate, It is a youtube video that has

  5. Jeroen de Vries says:

    Mavericks is mutch
    better than Windows 8 !!!

  6. charles mabry says:

    If you get that excited about finder tabs…. you need to get out more. 

  7. Martin Lindhjem says:

    Shut up and take my money.

  8. kolajampe says:

    Mavericks is beta software. Clean installed it on my 2011 factory spec
    macbook pro and got nothing but lockups, graphics glitches, randoms
    restarts and general sluggishness. In the end I gave up and downgraded to
    mavericks which is stable as a rock!

    Install Mavericks if you like buggy software

  9. Justin Mcnabb says:

    should have called it OSX Sabertooth

  10. Ismael Flores says:

    Left this installing before I came to work! Can’t wait to use it!

  11. doogdoogdoog says:

    DIslike: video needs more applause and whooping

  12. Mar Rosales says:

    just sayin’, i would have paid a lot for OS X Sea Lion

  13. Phakphum P. says:

    why the fck my trackpad suddenly stop working even plug my mouse on can’t
    click anything. fuck you mavericks

  14. Emtildeath6666 says:

    So Apple eventually release one of their service packs for free. About time

  15. Irem Gul says:

    Macbook people, can you please help me?
    I am a normal student, most of the times I just use my macbook daily for
    mailing, watching movies on the internet, write an essay with ibooks author
    or word.
    Is it really necessary for me to update my Macbook Pro to mavericks and
    does it make any sense? 

  16. No rest for the wicked says:

    OS X Wildcat. There. It even sounds badass. Mavericks sounds wrong. Sounds
    like something Google would do.

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