Apple iPad Pro vs 2015 13.3″ Macbook Air

Here is our full comparison between the Apple iPad Pro vs 2015 13.3″ Macbook Air.

Watch iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 4:

More info on the iPad Pro:

More info on the 2015 13.3-Inch Macbook Air:

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  1. Piva Simeon says:

    I have a 15" macbook pro but i am looking for a secondary laptop that i can easily travel with and use for school (for notes). Would you recommend the macbook air or ipad pro?

  2. MrKaidman says:

    Im a photographer, and need do some light photo editing and video editing on the go, just wounder if ipad pro would be a good choise? , i do like the ipad over a laptop during travels. My biggest koncern is the connectivity, no card reader or anything, simply how to get the photos and work, into the ipad to begin with is my concern. Sorry for spelling and english its not my first language. Input is greatly appriciated 🙂

  3. Fl 1x says:

    iPad pro

  4. Maropa Sharmin says:

    Ok first of all I'm getting all the apple stuff second of all look it's in order what to buy

    Iphone:I'm getting my moms phone cuz my mom is getting my sis phone since my sis broke the phone and it's the same phone but different color

    Like the black microwave XD

    ipad with Smart Keyboard:I'm getting that in Black Friday night since I'm young I love roblox so this is perfect one for roblox

    MacBook Pro:that's next year in Black Friday night also and the reason I'm getting apple stuff every year and I'm gonna have a YouTube career that I need things to edit and lighting and other stuff

    iMac:it sounds weird that in getting stuff but iMac is also editing my vids since I heard that they have lots of apps for editing and make is perfect………. well I don't need to be perfect but you know what I mean

    Iwatch:these stuff keeps on having I at the beginning ok ok as I was saying iwatch is kinda for Health and I need more healthy stuff cuz I eat junk food XD

    and last but not least (drumball) TV:ok that's sound stupid but XD is there a tv cuz I need ma circleation up in here and what I mean that i mean the same iCloud for all and tv is AWSOME I can watch Netflix and chill with ma popcorn

    Later that comment …………popcorn wanna get eating cuz you yummy


  5. EBG Studios says:

    When Steve jobs said that the iPad will not exceed 799, I knew that wasn't true.

  6. james oh says:


  7. E.S Balaganesh says:

    what should I buy an iPad pro or MacBook Air

  8. Anestis Dalgkitsis says:

    The Apple Pen actually charges via a lightning cable like an iPhone. You plug it into the iPad only if you really need to write something and you ran out of juice. Stop saying everywhere that it charges like that.

  9. mike hunt says:

    the iPad is so restricted you can't even download 3rd party programs and you look a lot smarter carrying around an actual laptop over some tablet

  10. Melanie Amber Moore says:

    I bought a iPad Pro 9.7 w/ the pencil and a keyboard on amazon (new Trent) and lucky my boyfriend got a MacBook Pro so I can just use his when I need 😂 but this video helped a lot when I was considering buying the air vs the pro

  11. Jeff Barry says:

    Adobe CC apps don't work on Ipad Pro

  12. Drawing_IpadPro Yoan says:

    I love me Ipad Po 12,9:))

  13. Melanie Amber Moore says:

    I want to get a 32gb or 128gb iPad Pro and a Apple Pencil to use for college (buy a separate keyboard on amazon) instead of a MacBook Air would you recommend doing this?

  14. eiendiaies your_ufo says:

    Well if you like to webrowsing, netflix watching some movies than Ipad pro is the best. You dont need mouse to navigate on screen, also almost no viruses, easy to use and safe.

  15. Yasser Ryan says:

    man TBH macbook air sound weird

  16. sivan ferna says:

    iPad pro> macbook pro come at me bro!

  17. Paul Williams says:

    The iPad Pro actually is on par computing power wise with the MacBook Air , and has a better display then the MacBook Air . The MacBook Air advantage is it runs MAC OS , not just a iPad optimized version of IOS , and has unbeatable Battery Life ! I feel the IPad running IOS doesn't allow it to take advantage of the power it has !

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