Apple MacBook Air 13″ Mid-2011 Model Review

A video review of the Apple MacBook Air 13″ mid-2011 model with Intel ULV Core i5 CPU 2nd gen sandy bridge and Intel HD 3000 sandy bridge graphics. Check out our full review at: The new notebook comes with the new Mac OS X Lion OS and advanced gesture touchpad controls.
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  1. qipio says:

    lol, looking for buy it now, as second for home, am i reaterd?

  2. Flip1199 says:

    I got this last week for $300 worth every penny 🙂

  3. Chris F. says:

    Actually 2012

  4. Chris F. says:

    I am buying this model soon.

  5. Morgan Price says:

    Even though I could buy the 2012, 2013 or 2014 version, to save money, I think I will be buying a 2011 version as it is a lot cheaper than the newer versions and all of the models look exactly the same

  6. Brenden Kane says:

    Just got this for £360 #winningatlife  😀

  7. TheSpeedster797 says:

    When are they going to make a MacBook Air with Retina Display?

  8. BlackFire1300 says:

    can you use wifi on this?

  9. Connell Mcbride says:

    And what if I told you you could build a computer for $500 and install mac os x on it. Who cares about iMacs I'd rather have a full size upgradeable pc than an overpriced piece of crap that's not as powerful as a computer half it's price. Also there's no need for a computer with high end specs if they don't even release games for mac. Black ops 2 hasn't even come out for mac yet.

  10. Alperen Yıldız says:

    What If I told you software is much more important than hardware. Also If you want a Mac with good specs get an iMac.

  11. Connell Mcbride says:

    I like pc for desktop for games and macs for laptops but uh no. It's expensive, and the gpu sucks dick but I found a 2011 one on eBay for $700

  12. Jessie Knickle says:

    After having 3 different MacBooks (MacBook, pro & air) I could never go back to PC. Apple has never let me die.

  13. Jessie Knickle says:

    After having three duff

  14. ringo3732 says:

    Why do PC fan boys always go on a macbook review to hate on apple?

  15. Olle Ollesson says:

    so I can Play LoL on it?

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