Apple MacBook Black Unboxing | The Switch

UPDATE: My experiences with the MacBook are explained in-depth on my blog.

Check it out!

This is my new MacBook Black. It has a 2.4GHz Penryn processor. It also has 2GB DDR2 RAM which I will be upgraded to 4GB soon.

I made the switch to Apple.

First impressions and a full review will follow soon.

Matte Black Macbook Pro on a budget: Are you tired of your boring old MacBook Pro and want a brand new design?
If yes, then this is the video that you have been waiting for!


INTRO MUSIC: BVRNOUT – Take It Easy (feat. Mia Vaile) [NCS Release]

Exact Product: Macbook Pro 13-Inch With Retina Display Case Cover [Black] Rubberized With Apple Logo Cut-Out Shell Hard Case Cover For Macbook Pro 13″ 13.3″ 13-Inch With Retina Display Shell Cover Case + Get Silicone Keyboard Guard Free on Amazon

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  1. Henry Jones Jr. says:

    Smartest MacBook ever.

  2. cassfrank says:

    i just bought one and the next day the new macs came out 🙁 but i love this mac im using it now

  3. HappyGilmoreFTW says:

    macbook owns macbook air 1: u dont need a computer THAT thin, the macbook IS only an inch and some change and 2: the macbook air boot up time takes longer than my grandmas dumps lol

  4. navenstine says:

    yo, sorry for my ignorance, but whats the name of this song?

  5. daniglue says:

    from friday you can download the remote control app from the AppStore.
    It's for iPhone and iPod. 🙂

    have fun and don't say bullshits…

  6. MadSon011 says:

    actually if you had your facts straight, apple is making an app that comes with itunes 7.7 that uses wifi to control itunes so yes it will be available for ipod touch and iphone. there has been many announcments on sites such as TUAW and Gizmodo so look around

  7. Minhaz Mahmud says:

    im sorry but thats not whats happening. they don't include the remote because they want you to purchase it seperately, which is an extra $20. They can't build it into the ipod touch or the iphone because they don't have IR (InfaRed) Capability. without infared, which is what the macbook and macbook pro use for their remotes, you can't build it into the iphone or ipod touch. it maybe possible to do it with the iphone since it has bluetooth, but not with the ipod touch.

  8. MadSon011 says:

    its because they are adding the remote to the iphone and ipod touch therefor they dont see why they have to put it in

  9. SenoreQueso says:

    Both will be A LOT faster between 2 and 4. Aperture especially. Go with 4 gigs if you can. You won't regret it. EVERYTHING will be faster.

  10. makitalang says:

    why no remote included? i have the black macbook also but not with leopard : (

  11. DJPixcell says:

    lol thats also amazing the fact you just opened it and you could see the fingerprint marks on the video when you touched it.

    It looks soo beautiful, but at a price. lol

  12. DJPixcell says:

    It really sucks that it no longer comes with the apple remote, and vga adapter.

    thats about an extra 50$ now to get the two.

  13. vasie93 says:

    how do u do it by yourself and also if u buy the black1 does it cost more if u want the 4GB?
    plz answer asap thank u

  14. Jan Cavens says:

    Can you tell me the difference between 2 and 4 gig with applications like aperture or final express ?

  15. Strikeboy1212 says:

    how long does the battery last?

  16. Kay Khan says:

    why i got a white one and i use it everyday and stuff? theres no difference other than the HD space

  17. Abhishek Lahrani says:

    nice one

  18. AR Tech says:

    Why don't you try Dbrand ? ❤🔥

  19. AR Tech says:

    Should i get the MacBook pro 2015 or 2016, 2017 ? [both 13" model]
    (Goal : Productivity > FXPX , Android Studio) 😷

  20. Tech Extract says:

    13 inch 2016 mbp pro ka link plej

  21. Maya Shankar says:

    bhai Maine hi receive Kiya tha ye 😂😂😂

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