Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina Display Review

ONOURSHELF Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina Display Review…

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  1. onourshelf says:


  2. onourshelf says:


  3. onourshelf says:


  4. Alex Tan says:

    Is 128gb of storage enough? I’m wanting to buy one for school work and some
    final cut pro

  5. John Williams says:

    The apple company sucks because of so many reasons, they are endless: 1-not
    customization of OP 2- No customization of hardware. you cant even change
    the frigging RAM 3- ridiculous easy to break, aluminum is not flexible, if
    you drop a macbook its over 4-apple is not aloud to use the gorilla glass
    that was invented for android because of patents thats why the iphone
    screen is made of polyurethane, basically crappy glass 5- Apple cant afford
    to make their own hardware which is embarrassing, such a popular company
    and cant make their own shit 6- you can ALWAYS find a cheaper windows
    computer that will defeat the performance of a apple laptop 7- half of the
    people in this fucking world are gamers sooooo yeah you know what i mean 8-
    no expandable storage on the iPhone, WTF they want you to pay for extra
    storage, how stupid 9- everything apple makes IS MADE IN CHINA so stop
    fucking pretending that its a fancy or elegant brand because its fucking
    NOT and finally 10- OUTDATED apples technology is falling wayyyyy behind
    compared to Samsung and other companies so in a couple of years Apple wont
    even exist 

  6. Beheshta Nouri says:

    Is it bad without retina? Is the difference big?

  7. Pyreex says:

    best review dude thank you so much

  8. Christian Duarte says:

    Is the 13” able to show 1080p in all of its glory, or is the screen too
    small to make a difference between 720p and 1080p? I know the retina
    display has a higher resolution than, 1080p but my doubt is with size.

  9. Dadecounty Mike says:

    Are they any good for 3d rendering? 

  10. Lionel Messi says:

    Great review subscribed 

  11. BeautyBeat Love says:

    Is it good for research and writting and watching youtube videos and go on
    social media

  12. Charlie Griggs says:

    Good review onourshelf, i just got a macbook for my bday and i was
    wondering what that game you were playing is called.
    Keep up the good work.

  13. TheBlackIndy says:

    This is the best review, thanks so much, very detailed keep going :)

  14. LamborghiniReven1000 says:

    You referred to it many times as a “Mac Pro” You do realize that the Mac
    Pro is a completely different product correct?

  15. DeltaGamer says:

    It’s kinda pointless to show us how the screen looks like, because we all
    have a much lower resolution device, and youtube limits the quality even
    more :P

  16. abeham7 says:

    Why is this so expensive? I don’t understand :P

  17. Bob Saget says:

    what’s the “wif” and “def”? I’ve heard of “width” and “depth”, but you were
    speaking some foreign language…

  18. Lamine Toure says:

    Does it have a cd port

  19. sheshan sachithra says:

    is this smaller or should i go with mac book pro 15 inch

  20. sabrinalimaxo says:

    How come the new pros don’t say MacBook Pro on the bottom of screen

  21. theabyel26 says:

    I reaally want this mac so baad but im a student and cant afford one :/

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