Apple MacBook Pro 15.4″ Retina (late 2013) unboxing & Mavericks tour

Subscribe! I unbox a late-2013 MacBook Pro (model ME294LL/A) with 15.4″ Retina display, 1 TB SSD drive, and 16 GB of RAM. After unboxing…
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The Apple MacBook 2.4GHz White Unibody is the only white plastic laptop left in Apple’s line-up. This is a review of the mid 2010 version. Please check back …

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  1. kittyyourock says:

    Hello! I need some advice on which mac I should get. I’m in between the 13″
    MacBook Pro retina with 512GB flash storage, and 15″ MacBook Pro retina
    256GB flash storage.’i most likely won’t get the 15″ with 512GB storage, so
    which should I pick? My mac would mainly be for school, photoshop editing,
    iMovie, and browsing the web. I have an iPad Air and iPhone 5 so I have
    other storage devices. I can always buy an external hard drive if I get the
    15″. But I’m not sure, your thoughts?

  2. Stupidtigerz says:

    5:15 I laughed XD

  3. Joseph Nguyen says:

    I don’t like the way you unbox. You don’t respect your fucking money, you
    throw the things like you are a rich guy, I fuck at your video and thumb

  4. Appleguy99 says:

    You’re a very big NOOB!!!

  5. Rafael Vizconde says:

    OS X Yosemite is coming this fall +Gamebits! The upgrade is FREEE and i
    hope the new OS will look like iOS 7 and 8! (coming this fall too -_-)

  6. EpicJaguar99 says:

    Another Great Video i love all your videos! 

  7. Daft Hype says:

    You’re from MA? Reppin Malden

  8. unlokia says:

    A very candid, no fluff setup and review video; I really *really* enjoyed
    this 🙂

    Thanks so much for uploading, and God bless you 🙂

    Matt, England.

  9. COPPIPER says:

    Did you experience any problems with FCP? Were there any rendering issues
    which slowed you either editing a clip or importing additional media?

  10. kereth says:

    You really shouldn’t have brought over your backup during setup. Should’ve
    setup as a new Mac and used Migration assistant afterwards. 

  11. Gaming Media says:

    Apple for the win. Microsoft, go away. No one likes your products.

  12. suljodic says:

    How long does battery last?

  13. Turo Zavala says:

    This just made me realize I bought my 2013 model about a year ago and have
    yet to open it lol, though I was saving it for Dental school which I just
    got into so it’ll be interesting how my Mac and I get along. 

  14. Tyler Walker says:

    so you buy a $3000+ laptop, to edit videos… and then the video is 720P
    not 1080p…. collosal waste of money… then again if you had spent say
    500 bucks less or so, you could buy a better camera that actually shoots in
    full HD…..

  15. akula2shark says:

    I never rode my bicycle on Boston roads (Fines are PIA) except on the

  16. Ethan Mijares says:

    I am go get a ps4 and xbox 1 and a wii u iam go add you game it’s

  17. Riki Ryugasaki says:

    OS X A Little Dirty In OS What Happened? 

  18. Dmitriy Chaikovskiy says:

    why spend 3000$ on a shiny laptop when you can spend 500$ on not a shiny
    laptop and get the same results

  19. Alexandru Derscariu says:


  20. Geekanoids says:

    A goodie but an oldie … looking back at my white MacBook (unibody) review Apple
    MacBook 2.4GHz White Unibody Mid 2010 Review

  21. Looms By A ! says:

    This is my first macbook dose it come with iMovie 

  22. mygolfprogression10 says:

    Would you sell this? If you still have it of course.

  23. Manrique Alcantara says:

    Would u recomed to get this macbook

  24. Dave Cryer says:

    A goodie but an oldie … looking back at my white MacBook (unibody) review Apple
    MacBook 2.4GHz White Unibody Mid 2010 Review

  25. Camila Ceballos says:

    Would you recommend this laptop for graphic design? would it work with the
    latest adobe suite?

  26. Wilson Wijaya says:

    This is seriously the best Apple computer that you could ever afford since
    it’s upgradable. Good speaker, good screen display, etc. I have one my own
    and I loved it. My new Macbook Pro R. sucks a bit :D

  27. peacesighn11 says:

    Do you know where I can get one cheap but new? I really like the review and
    laptop!! :)

  28. I Brier says:

    Where can u get this cheap

  29. Dinobot2468 says:

    Does the headphone slot let you use the Mic? Before they had separate ones.

  30. Adachi says:

    Should I get this laptop for light gaming and school use

  31. ItsjustDaniela'sLife says:

    I’ve always loved apple products but too bad I never had one! :)

  32. Patrick Sommer says:

    Would you recommend this as my first Macbook ? I know someone who can sell
    it to me cheap and it looks great, will sell it for 436 dollars (2500 DKK)
    is that a fine price for that one used?

  33. Irfan Fauzli says:

    How much do you think some might be selling this for at this present time?
    And this is the last Macbook version of its kind right?

  34. Looms By A ! says:

    Dose it like have updated IMovie I’m getting so confused shall I get a
    MacBook Air because it has updates or MacBook because it’s cheaper

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