Apple Macbook Pro 16GB RAM Limit – The Truth

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Apple claims that they MUST limit their Macbooks to 16GB of RAM to limit concerns about battery life… Is there any legitimacy to that claim?

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  1. Subin George says:

    Which game is it at 4:16

  2. dar0 says:

    But do you even need more than 8gb of ram?

  3. Tom Liu says:

    Google chrome, that is why I go for the 16 GB model

  4. Mashups and REMIXES says:

    Well it is PRO, it should be available with 128 GB

  5. dunxy says:

    Its for professional fanbois/sheep. I dont think any serious content creater (or anybody else who actually needs large amounts of ram and some decent cpu power in any way) would be stupid enough to buy one of these pieces of shiny crap.

  6. Panos T. Tufexis says:

    Look, either Apple is really stretching the limits of how small capacity they can sell for as much money as possible, or they have some obscure secret issues with their OS that really wouldn't let their machines be good, and are trying to cover that up. I don't really care which one it is at this point. I just want to see the whole culture that romanticizes the Mac and the iPhone burn. iPad and iPod are still okay (and slightly overpriced) products though.

  7. jonathan fletcher says:

    It wouldn't be efficient enough for their bank accounts

  8. Phil Perry says:

    Sorry Apple, but form should always follow function. Since Steve Job's died, Apple went downhill and only the fanboys are still supporting them because they are idiots.

  9. steroids4champions says:

    Apple products are for stupid people who don't know crap about tech. They just take advantage of their customers.

  10. Noah A says:

    I bought one and returned it after a few weeks because in my opinion it was totally unsuitable for editing video, even 1080p.

  11. Judas Fist says:

    blue or red pill?

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