Apple Macbook Pro 2016 – A PC Hardware Guy’s Perspective

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Can any laptop that doesn’t feature a GTX 1080 really justify a 00 price tag?

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  1. Joe Johnson says:

    This guy looks like he has low T and is probably homosexual but his analysis about the Macbook Pro is pretty accurate

  2. Tom says:

    I purchased a MacBook Pro back in 2012, since then the quality of the new ones has been decreasing over and over again.
    It was still "affordable" and "powerful" at the time (mid-2012).

  3. Liam S. says:

    There is no escape.

  4. Geometry Dash DarkZoneTV says:

    I would build you a better thing with that ammount of money.
    And i know you are paying part for the apple logo.

  5. Mr Dr Prof Patrick says:

    Four thunderbolt 3.0 ports??????

  6. Masterr Laster says:

    Apple products in general are a niche products. They in general are slower than other brands for the same price. But a certain subset of people are willing to pay the extra cost for the name brand alone. Then there are also the people who just like macos.

    You have to hand it to apple for their marketing it's really top notch. They built a small light laptop with a good built nice looks ,screen and custom os ( but sub par well cheaper hardware). There by having no competition since even with better hardware they can't run there custom os.
    So they can charge whatever they want.

  7. Patrick Cronin says:

    The touch bar means nothing to me, my macbook pro spends most of its time closed with 2×27" monitors & logitech kb/trackman plugged in.

  8. Tommy Jacob says:

    apple care about the future,but don't care about your present need and 2 years old gear

  9. Jeffry Schmidt says:

    We get it. USB C is the future. But we're in the present.

  10. Nagy Andras says:

    this mac product is no different than any other. overpriced, and total useless.

  11. Ben Dell says:

    I am a PC user, and I love that you called it the "DongleBook Pro 2016."


    As a power user who tweaks everything to get the last drop out of everything, I say that this thing makes sense, and I would see myself using something like this. It's just like a dream to own 2 very different cars. An rx-7 and a toyota hilux. A tweakers car, and a set it and forget it car. A car that simply just works.

  13. SpudManGaming says:

    My £800 PC is better.

  14. dumbshow3 says:

    i hope he returned it after the video

  15. timstarockz says:

    haha.. DongleBook Pro

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