Apple MacBook Pro Aluminum Unibody Design Video

Introducing new MacBook Pro.
High performance now comes in three sizes: 13-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch.
The new MacBook Pro brings precision engineering and advanced technology to everyone.

Redesigned. Reengineered. Re-everythinged.
To build something truly different, you need to work in a truly different way. Apple designers and engineers work together through every stage of product development. Its a partnership that makes innovation possible. And its exactly how the new MacBook Pro was created. With its breakthrough unibody enclosure, industry-first features, and environmentally sound design, its a revolution in the way notebooks are made. These materials are highly recyclable to make MacBook Pro is friendlier to the environment. And sure the greenest notebook ever make.

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  1. Denis Shepelev says:

    OMG! From single aluminium block we got it?????? Tell me this is fake!!!!

  2. Sonny Fish says:

    Barbie, was Plastic!

  3. alfa-psi says:

    The museum of stupid comments is here.

  4. Chris Chapman says:

    Lovely bit of engineering
    Its a real shame that the software is getting worse
    I have not bothered with I Tunes for years
    Up dates that crash . Slowly turning our desk tops & laptops into iPads .
    The total inability to use your iPhone as an external hard drive is disgusting.
    But the last comment is quite correct the machines are well built.

  5. Alex Montgomery says:

    2009 20" imac baby! Still works!!! Using it to watch this video! Long story short: They last a looooong time.

  6. Zac Paul says:

    Does anyone know if this is still up to date? I ask given this video was made a few years ago…since then, multi-axis waterjet cutting has gotten extremely advanced to give both a performance gain and an environmental gain over traditional CNC.

  7. Phanteus says:


  8. ProducedBy10A says:

    fuckin liars. more problems then ever

  9. nadith dowey says:

    Excellent laptop. I bought this on the apple store for $100 off. I have the new model with 15'' retina display 2.3GHZ i7, 16gigs RAM, intel iris pro graphics, 250gig SSD. I am coming from a 2011 macbook pro 13 inch and the difference is amazing.

  10. Tyler Kirk says:

    lol the only thing i can think of when I hear that song in the beginning are those parody commercials that Ryan Higa makes!

  11. chinchillawrangler says:

    yeah, cant say i hate my macbook pro

  12. Lucy Alice Whitten says:

    this guys sexy.

  13. Marco Ferro says:

    I am watching this on my Mac Book Pro 13, It's truly amazing, the looks, the system itself, so easy to use, secure and intuitive. It's a really beautiful and an amazing machine, you have to admit it. But, yeah there is a but in there, every time I need to work (as an civil engineer I use programs which are NOT supported on Mac's) or play a game I go to my desktop PC, because you can have all the best looks, the best manufacturing processes, the most intuitive and easy OS, if you need to really know what are you doing, and why are you doing, and especially if you need the range of programs that you can't run on the Mac, then you will always turn to your PC. As I say to every one that ask's me if I like more Mac's or PC's: If I want to make an impression on a work meeting, or just hang out playing myself some nice music or a nice movie I go for a Mac, but when I end up that work meeting and I need to work on the stuff we agreed to, I go for my PC. (sorry for my bad english guys, it's not my native language as you can tell. I hope you get my message.)

  14. Lance Lindle Lee says:

    A person was able to make a hackintosh, using Mac OS on a non mac device

  15. Lance Lindle Lee says:

    The unibody is good but machining the whole thing is extremely wasteful. Another company (forgot which one) made a unibody laptop. This was cast first, then machined. The end result is the same but a lot less wastes. Apple just has the marketing power to make it popular.

  16. PEPE PIPI says:

    Windows pcs are junk

  17. PEPE PIPI says:

    Apple is the best

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