Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Review (late-2016)

Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Review (late-2016)

Apple’s new MacBook Pro is a contentious machine, dropping almost all legacy ports in favor of Thunderbolt 3, ignoring the Windows 10 style of touchscreen in favor of supplementary Touch Bar, and adopting the low-profile “butterfly” keyboard that proved to be love-it-or-hate-it on the 12-inch MacBook. Has Apple forgotten that the “pro” in MacBook Pro stands for “professional”?

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  1. Kai Low says:

    For those complaining about price and also holding out till next year, the price next year is gonna be even more hefty

  2. AJ says:

    MBP 15" baseline $2400? Pffft

  3. rapelpecho says:

    when usb-c finally becomes standard apple will get rid of it forcing you to use adapters for ever

  4. Ian Lee says:

    Hi guys, I need some advice. I'm planning to get a MacBook (I don't have one yet) and can't decide if it is worth getting the 13" with touchbar, or the 13" 2015 pro with an i7. What do you guys think I should get?

  5. Tiktok Toyatoya says:

    Industry catches up? Haha

  6. Tiktok Toyatoya says:


  7. Ethan Chen says:

    You're calling the Macbook (not Pro) the Macbook Air but they are very different!

  8. recon forsales says:

    Apple dont even have a Touchscreen on their flagship model….How fuking lame!! This is like having a big dick but you cant get an erection!!

  9. TC royce says:

    the best review ever ; )

  10. Fork says:

    It's not thunderbolt 3. It's USB-c. Learn tech before reviewing it

  11. Ken Purchase says:

    Thanks,very helpful and well done,you just got a new subscriber

  12. Josh Kaufman says:

    5:08 the "PRO" now stands for PROducts Over Priced

  13. Lee Hayes says:

    Should be called the "BackwardsMac" just awful. The pricing is insane, no ports that people want, stupid gimmick touch bar and what is with the swimming pool size mouse pad! Sorry for those who love this I think this is really gone backwards with the ports / dongles thing and the touch bar takes focus off the screen etc – good for emoji's I guess. The cost well forget it.

  14. DeviIzx says:

    please benchmark 13'inch and 15'inch version of macbook pro touchbar

  15. The Fantastic Mr. K says:

    Nice review man, mine should be coming in around a month… Do you or does anyone know which i7 this has (I know it's quad core and skylake, but which one? Example: 6700HQ).

  16. The Rest Of Us says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Amazing, objective review. Whereas all other "reviews" so far were mostly just rants or blunt opinion-making with pure spam in the comments, this one actually answered a lot of my questions! 1 subscriber gained, sir!

  17. Roman R says:

    the new crapbook pro. cant decide whats worse the iphone 7 or this joke of an "upgrade"

  18. Kevin Lau says:

    it doesn't have all the other ports, so I won't be buying it.

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