Apple MacOS High Sierra’s biggest changes aren’t visible

This interstitial update to the Mac desktop operating system has a few compelling changes, but they’re not features.

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  1. Ste McFreeman says:

    Metal 2, FLAC support, 4K video compression and all the other most significant features completely unimportant or worth mentioning (and it’s free) I think the only hard sell is CNET and it’s reporters competence and obvious bias.

  2. Jhon Obra says:

    i think my speaker is not working properly all i hear is  ishhhh isssshhh  shiiiiiiii sound

  3. Lasz Gulliver says:

    This a sad day in Apple history no more custom ringtones… they removed it… we have to buy them now or stick with the default ones… wth is going on apple😭😭😭😭 that’s a very #badapple

  4. Utuber456739 says:

    Another shit video from Cnet

  5. Robin Chi says:

    8000+ unread emails???…

  6. ArthropodSpidey says:

    I don’t know what made me fall asleep faster – the way she looks or the way she talks.

  7. jwathas says:

    I just installed High Sierra and I see absolutely no difference other than a few new wallpapers……

  8. Teammm says:

    1:51 hilarious

  9. Archie Garcia says:

    Still no HomeKit support for Siri on MacBook but it’s on Apple TV?…

  10. Muhammad Faiz Haziq says:

    why I feel like watching a boring video in some museum?

  11. Rasheed S. says:

    Horrible voice tone OMG

  12. Breaking News says:

    I'll stick to windows 95, thank you very much 🙂

  13. Ali Yasir says:

    Terrible review, just the new file system and metal2 which boosts the graphics card performance markedly are worth the upgrade and how the hell can something be a hard sell when its free?

  14. Waka Tipu says:

    Please try harder with your review and appearance. CNET is a professional organisation and it would be good as a representative that you reflect this with your work.

  15. Webster 12 says:

    Apple used to be good 10 years ago…

  16. Shinya Koizumi says:

    I can't hear well especially the end of every sentence. Probably first time. I hope do better next time!

  17. Jason Toy says:

    This woman is over 60

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