Apple previews all-new Mac OS X Mavericks

Apple previews all-new Mac OS X Mavericks

Apple announces Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks at its WWDC. The new OS brings more iOS features into the fold, including a quicker way to multitask, the Siri voice assistant, and Finder tabs. A preview is available today for desktops.

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  1. Kristof says:


  2. Zero Day says:

    who care about this shit

  3. Insplisity says:

    It's cool, we've installed it our older MacBook Pro (late 2009) – the only problem so far seems the be the volume. You can't adjust it and there is no workaround at this moment.

  4. Mohsen Khakzad says:


  5. Ullash Podder says:

    exactly..and may be for that reason i'll end up updating my OS,it's scary what they did with my phone

  6. PietreADI says:

    lol what if he accidentally turn on some porn

  7. Tomek Lukaszewicz says:

    nope 🙂 they wouldn't call it a Lynx 🙂 because of Atari's disaster :):):) *jaguar is not an option too :):):)

  8. Kostya8 says:

    It's free, and it doesn't hurt to install it. I don't see what there is to bitch about, sorry.

  9. Pato Nur says:

    There is nothing change. I would rather use window instead os x.

  10. Timothy Gurguis says:

    i think thats what they might do with "syrah"

  11. Cj Morgan says:

    i have it been having it for about a month now

  12. nitromenoob says:


  13. nanomyou5 says:

    "Finder tabs!" "oooooh!!!"

    OS X users are a happy bunch. They get wilder over such small incremental things. I'm happy for them 🙂

  14. EpicTuber123 says:

    Yeah, but Microsoft did that for Windows 8 and it didn't turn out so well in my opinion… 😛

  15. EpicTuber123 says:

    lol I was making a Linux distro a few weeks ago (in SuseStudio. It's kinda fun) and the logo looks exactly the same- a big X in a circle. Mine was blue as well. Lol coincidence xD

  16. Josh Jimenez says:

    Mountain Lion is the latest version, it's cheaper, and less buggy… OBVIOUSLY Mountain Lion.

  17. Josh Jimenez says:

    It DOES cost less to upgrade. You know… it used to cost $129.99 to upgrade until Leopard. Snow Leopard dropped it to $29.99, Lion costed $29.99, and Mountain Lion went even further down to $19.99. Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8… you multiply the cost of Mountain Lion… and this is for the "Home" version, too! This doesn't even account for their Pro version which is the complete version.


  18. Dante May Cry says:

    im glad they didnt. i like the incremental upgrades to mac os, because they arent taking any huge risks.

  19. blenheimears says:

    Red Hat 9 called. It wants its new features back.

  20. blenheimears says:

    Tagging has been on Linux for a long time. I remember seeing it at least 10 years ago on Gnome 2. I never used it though.

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