Apple’s 11-inch MacBook air laptop cuts price, boosts performance
The updates are minor, but the 11-inch MacBook Air now costs less, is faster, and runs longer.
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  1. MrOnlyforcommenting says:

    i think the design or air need to be refresh. i dont like those huge white
    whereas the macbook pro is clean and classy.

  2. Matthewliu1 says:

    Cool! Now can we just boost the screen resolution? -____- -Annoyed Guy
    waiting for a higher resolution…

  3. Vader...You Seek Vader! says:

    I’ve been using Apple computers since 2007 and have yet to get any kind of
    R.I.P. Windows

  4. Scott Domingues says:

    I still have my 2011 MBA… And have never had a problem. When I was on
    windows, I would get 2-3 viruses/ problems a year. Glad I switched to
    Apple…. Will never go back! 

  5. usernamefromhell says:


  6. Zeeshan Afzal says:

    why doesn’t its interior look as cool as its exterior, ugliest 11″ computer
    in 2014…

  7. SeKToR says:

    That’s one tiny ass screen. Useless PC.

  8. TrollMaster KING says:

    Less expensive? Serious could of just said cheaper

  9. Kendrick Lau says:

    the screen size is too tiny… 13 inch is worth considering

  10. Peter Smith says:

    Retina or fail

  11. Antoine Absi says:


  12. Cash Shew says:

    Paper cut or macbook air cut?

  13. Gehrig Harris says:

    I got here before the 301! Also, second.

  14. Eduardo Delgado says:

    This came out like a month ago…

  15. Diwash1 says:

    I got my Lenovo Y410p for 875 with taxes. Packs an i7-4700mq, 8gb ddr3 ram
    1600mhz, 1tb harddisk + 24 gb ssd. 1600*900 screen. 14 inch. and the GT
    755m . While I agree this is built better and is much lighter, Its not
    worth 900 bucks for me. I like OSX dont get me wrong but this laptop is
    about 300 bucks overpriced.

  16. soni manutd says:

    11 inch is too small for me, this one even looks smaller because of the
    screen ratio 16:9 instead of at least 16:10….hopefully apple is building
    a 12-inch version which is the right size, not too big (13’inch above) not
    too small, just the right “portable” size…

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