Best FREE Antivirus Software 2017-2018

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Top 4 best free antivirus programs for Windows & Mac computers, as well as Android & iOS devices for 2017. Protect your computer from viruses, trojans, spyware and other types of malware for FREE!


Top 4 Best Free Antivirus Software 2017


Basic Guide to Internet Security & Privacy:

Best Free Encryption Software 2017-2018:


1. Avira

2. Bitdefender

3. Avast

4. Panda


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  1. Mostly Tech says:

    *NEW* Today internet security and privacy is becoming more and more important, and just installing an antivirus is not enough. This new video I made is a MUST SEE if you want to be safe on the internet:

  2. Janet Pattison says:

    AVAST?  WATCH OUT FOR THIEVING, SNEAKY, LYING , BOTTOM FEEDER, DIRT BAG COMPANY AVAST.  Not only did I get malware because of their shit service, but they also help themselves to your bank or credit card acct. once they get your number.  The unethical, sneaky scumbags also want to put the screws to you again when they try and charge you $80 to dump their stupid disgusting asses.

  3. Top Best Sites! says:


  4. KyleIndoMcpe Craft says:

    spysherrif is fake antivirus your computer infected and it detect themself

  5. dgk196 says:

    I made the mistake of installing Avira… not on the recommendation of this post alone… but, watching other evaluations too. To my surprise, from the very start, once I had installed Avira, I had no end of problems related to my Window 10 system. Failure to star / boot, was the most pernicious problem. I had to forceably uninstall Avira multiple times, before I actually got rid of it. Interference with downloads was also a problem. Once I had successfully unistalled the program, the Avira-induced problems went away too. I had no 'boot' problems before this.

  6. LethalBacon says:

    I think Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is a very good antivirus program. It has a simple, and easy to use interface, it gives very good protection against viruses, and while it has special promotion ads, they can very easily be disabled in the settings.

  7. Maxim Delaet says:

    First of all goood vid but have a comment though
    If you got Bitdefender total protection you DON'T need any anti malware at all!
    I've never seen malwarebytes block even 1 malware entity that Total Protection from Bitdefender didn't block.
    (Nor have I ever seen malwarebytes remove 1 malware after scanning that Bitdefender didn't remove after it's scan) 🙂

  8. Ryan thomas says:

    i need help

  9. ANAK WATAN says:

    How to uninstalled avast. Unable to do it

  10. Imabitch says:

    dont use free solutions, these companies steal alot of your info, avira, avast is one of the worst including g data and eset check av comparatives data transmission for the details, but if you wanna take my word for it buy emsisoft for 20 bucks for 1 pc for a whole year, someone needs to write the codes, and 20 bucks is really not much for your security and privacy.

  11. vegasjill21 says:

    My laptop has been slow and messed up for 2 months but I don't have the $$$ to take it to a shop. I pay for Norton 360 and 3 times I called them and they spent over an hour checking for bugs (or whatever they were doing) on my laptop and said I am fine. Umm.. NO…I AM NOT!! And my subscription is up in 4 days. SO I need a good free one. Can you tell me, if I DO have some bugs will whatever program I DO decide on take care of them, or do you know? I should just throw this thing out the window I'm so bad at this hi tech stuff and have no one to help!!!!! o_O
    Thanks so much. 😉

  12. sandy is gay says:

    Can someone tell me a good one i can download? Ive read the comments and Ive seen good and bad reviews

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