Best Video Editing Software for Mac Are you looking to edit videos on your Mac the quick and easy way? Not a video editing expert? With video editor softwa…
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There’s a lot of different video editing software suites out there and they vary in how user-friendly and intuitive they are to how advanced and difficult th…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. cdrum30 (Chris D) says:

    looks good….I’ve been using Imovie, and it sucks…..the audio keeps
    un-syncing. Think I’ll give this a shot.

  2. Toons Craft says:

    my Br +hunterjay1000 

  3. hunterjay1000 says:

    can i put any songs other than my itunes or garage band, like from youtube 

  4. Skayer Koks says:


  5. Cassandra Espiritu says:

    Just like iMovie 

  6. The Emerald Creeper King says:

    THANKS DOOD great help 

  7. Rex Nanayakkara says:

    this is what i was looking for
    thx guy

  8. Brianne Toma Fitness says:

    Thank you for this. I used to work with Final Cut Pro, but until my iMac is
    fixed, I wanted something simple for my Macbook. This is just perfect.
    Awesome and to the point. :)

  9. leah Lalljee says:

    cool thx 

  10. Arvind Sohel says:

    WOW! Awesome! I’ve been looking for a video software like this! 

  11. Kye Rayfield says:


  12. MiningToCraft says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, I can finally edit my long screen records into multiple
    videos, as well as add an intro and an outro!

  13. LittleMissSweet says:

    I have been using iMovie for a little while, but I wanted to have control
    where my Text went, some better transitions and better editing in order for
    the videos to look good. I will definitely giver this a try! Thank you so
    much! Check out my channel for cute little video <3 :)

  14. Fifi Fara says:

    its so easy to download :D

  15. RNGaming says:

    OMG thankyou man

  16. tommybcuzz says:

    its ok

  17. JoelMiller says:

    Thanks man, Nice software, easy to use, and great if you wanna make cool
    vids with friends. You’ve earned a sub man.

  18. xJuicyGurlX says:

    Tnx! really helpful :)

  19. Video Creators says:

    With so many video editing programs out there, here are my recommendations
    for beginners, intermediate editors, and those who want something advanced.

  20. Luke Woods says:

    Very Good Videos!

    If you are interested in Web-casting, Check this out!

  21. Robert Shaver says:

    I use Adobe CC on Windows 7. It’s about $50/mo.
    What do you recommend for Windows motion screen capture? Camtasia is kind
    of expensive since I don’t need its editing capability.

  22. Jungyeon Kim says:

    Does Final Cut Pro works for windows?
    People say it only works for Mac 

  23. Gideon Shalwick says:

    No mention of Screenflow???

  24. Michael Warbux says:

    There’s a great program called Hit Film. It’s as easy at WMM but has the
    functionality of Adobe Premiere. – – But
    to be honest, I’ve said this before on here, the best deal is for FULL
    programs is Adobe Creative Cloud suite. 

  25. OSW Review HD says:

    I also use Power Director (for PC) because it’s so simple to use, like a
    more complex Windows Movie Maker. My videos are 2 hours long with over a
    1,000 edits throughout and it does the trick :)

  26. Gaming with Mikey! says:

    I know this is totally offtopic, But I just got through reading the sample
    of your Ebook and wow, so much helpful information. I’ve totally refined
    the focus of my channel and reinforced my “channel value” with new tentpole
    series in the works and a brand new 5 second intro for my videos. I’m going
    to be “relaunching” my channel, with these consistent themes, but I already
    feel like I’ve got an improved goal ahead of me. I will be saving money
    from my next YT payment for the full book :)

  27. Crouton Crackerjacks says:

    I use and love CyberLink PowerDirector 12 and have since shortly after it
    came out. It’s super easy to use, there’s plenty of tutorials on here to
    help you out, an active user community to help out and it has tons of
    features. Way more features than most anyone will ever use. It does lack
    one thing I wish it had and that is customizable export settings. You can
    customize to an extent but not as much as I’d like. But it’s fast, easy to
    learn and works great. 

  28. Sweet y Salado says:

    Windows Movie Maker is absolutely horrendous unless you’re using it for
    making home movies to share with friends and family or something basic like
    that. I’m currently using Adobe Premiere Elements because it came free when
    I purchased my laptop last year and it’s pretty good. Not great, of course,
    but it does what I need it to do. Now, I just need to enhance my videos
    with After Effects and I believe that’s only like $20/month.

  29. The Creative Lady® Mixed Media Crafter says:

    I use iMovie most of the time because it is so easy. Because iMovie does
    not offer a multi layers palette, users who cannot afford Adobe’s
    subscription can do a little more work by sharing the video file to their
    desktop (or wherever) and import it again in order to add another layer. I
    hope that makes sense. Tedious – yes but definitely cost effective.

  30. FlippinWindows | #1 Windows Tutorial Channel! says:

    If you are Desktop Screen Recording, I would recommend Camtasia 8. That’s
    what I do to do my Windows OS tutorials. I just haven’t figured out a way
    to ad a cool webcam or camera effect so it looks cool while I’m in front of
    the camera.

  31. DiscoveringNatural says:

    I’ve been using the CyberLink PowerDirector 12 and love the different
    things I can do and the ease of use. I also like the online community where
    I can get custom made templates and help. I have been using CyberLink for
    about 2 years now.

  32. muwen360 says:

    CyberLink PowerDirector 12 is a great video-editing software on the Windows
    side. Runs fast and smooth. Easy to use and learn which is awesome but
    still have powerful tools. My favorite overall pick :)

  33. Jason O'Connell says:

    I’m a Sony Vegas Pro user. I’ve used it since version 7 and I’ve always
    found it to be the quickest to use. I’ve tried Premiere Pro a few times but
    simple things in Sony Vegas aren’t so simple in that. I’m not sure why
    “Professional” things have to take more effort. I would like to learn it
    more and use it properly but right now I’m just not seeing the advantage,

  34. Felix Barrera says:


  35. Dahlyvh - Brian's Fish Tanks says:

    Great info. I’ve been using iMovie for over a year now and love it. Been
    thinking about stepping up to Final Cut pro, but don’t know if it’s worth
    it for the $. I may have to look into Premier Pro.

  36. Omega Rainbow says:

    two cheaper options for windows are also *Cyberlink’s PowerDirector*, which
    has a very fast rendering “engine” but has a bit of a clunky interface at
    times, and what I’ve started using more recently, *Magix Movie Edit Pro*,
    which has some excellent audio cleaning features and very easy interface,
    but has a much slower rendering engine.

  37. Ash Almond says:

    MoviePlus Serif X3 is the most user friendly professional video editing
    software. I would recommend this for intermediate users.

  38. Jon with no h shootology channel says:

    Great topic Tim, You confirmed my decision. Just started using Adobe
    Premier Elements 12. I figured it was an affordable middle step to Adobe
    Premier Pro CS. Learn on a more basic version, and see if it is the
    direction I need to go.

  39. TateFaulkner says:

    Awesome advice…Thank you man!! Like some others, I love cyberlink PD12
    for now until im ready to post a lot of high-quality videos 🙂 

  40. Metrotag says:

    Do Hollywood directors use adobe? If so then premiere pro is the only
    editing software we’ll ever need lol.

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