Building Two Simple Mac Apps In Xcode

Ever wonder the fundamentals of creating applications for your Mac? In this video, I show you a little bit about Xcode, and we make two small utilities that can show you a few neat tricks.

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in this video I am going to show you how to delete applications off their computer or Permanently Delete Application on Mac. Just simply dragging the icon to the trash leaves behind tons of information from the app and can take of valuable space on your computer. Hope this step by step video helps!

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  1. Yuan zhao says:

    yea,it's great。

  2. Trouble Shooter says:

    How to develop a "Typing software" for regional languages for mac ?

  3. Rigid Network says:

    i know ruby php html javascript jquery and a lil of some others

  4. Alejandro Juan says:

    contact me

  5. JY. Film says:

    Can you make a tutorial on swift

  6. King Snoop313 says:

    Can i develop apps off of ANY Mac computer? preferably one from 2008-2011? or should i buy the latest Mac Computer?

  7. Nian Liu says:

    helpful tutorial. thx

  8. Khalil Muhammad says:

    Very helpful tutorial. Meanwhile, any chance you can point me to a place I can download your wallpaper?

  9. Jr Zendejas-Ruiz says:

    dope!!!!!!! thanks for the tutorial !

  10. Elie H. Sarraf says:

    Thank you. Very useful.

  11. Fanpil Ferm says:

    Hello, in this moment I use Yosemite and FaceTime to make calls directly from my Mac (using my iphone) . FaceTime have click to call on browser, but reconize only phone numbers format : 01000000000. Do you know how I could do to recognize formats like: + 10-000.000.000. I tried in Contents (FaceTime) to find something to edit, but I did not found. Please help me to find a way. Thanks a lot!

  12. charlie boy says:

    I got a quick question. Im using Xcode (6.2 (6C131e)) to program C++ applications and have just started using Xcode actually. After I have completed my coding for a finished application. How do I save it as a file that can be run outside of Xcode like and other application when its been finished coded. Aka turn it into a fully functional execution file. Obviously I'm scripting on a OS X sys.

  13. Matthew says:

    You can make a counter application in less that one minute in microsoft visual studio using vb
    and its SIMPLE
    you litteraly just drag 2 buttons and a text box then

    Private Sub Button_Up(blah blah blah vars handles stuff) Handles Button_Up clicked
    val(textbox) = val(textbox) + 1
    Private Sub Button_Down(blah blah blah vars handles stuff) Handles Button_down clicked
    val(textbox) = val(textbox) – 1

  14. Koryna Ray says:

    Thank you

  15. pratik karale says:

    thank you so much sir…

  16. Yesica Comisario says:

    help me…im stuck with yourtemplatefiinder on my safari i tried to delete it but its no use, it doesn't show up on my finder ;c

  17. Javier Portillo says:

    Deleted my first app on my Mac using this method. Thank you very much

  18. jcue says:

    Thank you so much brother! People like you really are life savers! i had this audio device that i could not get rid of and was preventing me from using other audio apps. finally got rid of it thanks to you! Great video! Thanks again!

  19. Eric Scheetz says:

    Very helpful video. Thank you for posting this.

  20. Priyanka Sarkar says:

    Thank you ….it was really a problem solver video…cheers

  21. Mahesh.V Vellingiri says:

    Big help Thanks.

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