Can You DJ Off Spotify + CDJs + Algoriddim djay Pro?

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“You can arrange full songs with just use your computer keyboard. You don’t need any other controllers, any other drums, or any other virtual instruments. You can sequence here. You’ve got your sound banks here. You can mix here. It’s everything you need to get started and go a long way!”

Ok Guy!!! Let Try It..

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  1. Dj. M says:

    u can now use djay pro on windows

  2. Maarten van den Bosch says:

    Why did you use the 4deck setup? At the right above you can choose 2 decks (also the place to press and get rid of the fx screen).
    Also; in loop mode, you can use the xy panel in combination with the effect (!) also a fun part of this amazing software! I just had a gig where i used spotify all the time – connected via my iphone hotspot 🙂 great and flexible! (Have some back up tracks for safety :))

  3. Shawn Waldrop says:

    I played with all the trial versions of the big 3 (Serato, Traktor, Virtual DJ) and just never liked any of them as much. I guess I'm too dumb, but I never got the hang of building "crates" in Serato, when I have spent years cleaning up my iTunes library, that for some reason, I can't get to transfer/load properly.

    I have a Pioneer DDJ controller, along with my MBP and djay Pro works flawlessly in live situations. Spotify works great, when a wifi or 4G connection is available. Everything just works. I've been able to get my clients share their playlists with me, so I have their music requests. Perfect for weddings. djay Pro, with the update, has adopted a lot of the features that the big 3 had, and thrown a curve balls that the competition doesn't have.

    djay Pro is tightly integrated with iTunes, so if you don't use iTunes as your library, it may not be for you. But it started off being designed for the iPad, then the Mac, so it still retains its macOS roots. Although, I have seen a demo of the Windows version, using the Microsoft Surface Dial. Very cool use of technology.

    My only minor gripe is that DVS is not supported, but I don't have turntables anymore. It would be neat to see if someone could figure out how to get it to work, though.

  4. Jake Stollery says:

    Dude! Great walk thought! Would loved if you mentioned cue points! Or perhaps it's not in this version? Would you consider doing an updated walk-through of this software, perhaps with the Reloop Mixon 4 controller? So many amazing possibilities! ^_^ X

  5. Casa Delrin says:

    I tried this app and i was really excited about it, but… I think it is risky to rely on an internet connection for a dj gig. What if the internet doesn't work? Any suggestion please???

  6. Wale Soleye says:

    Lol. It's like you planned to make the software look bad from the start. Do some research before you do your review G. Stay safe.

  7. gautham r says:

    hey is this competible with pioneer djm 850..? can u split the channels to play videos..?

  8. Darrell Bunyan says:

    I've been using pionner we go 3 and Spotify in clubs for a few months now and it's so versatile I just don't bother with cdjs anymore the controller is so easily portable and I use an ipad air mini which are just set up and packed away in seconds . I did get a few djs laugh at first and some club promoters where a bit skeptical that I could live up to their expectations but so long as I've got a stable Internet connection I've got more ability to give th ed crowd exactly what they want I recommend every dj try it out who can't afford cdjs

  9. JJ Garcia says:

    he just casually has his entire imac on the table there

  10. Jes Webb says:

    One of the best reviews I can use that I have seen. Thanks. Thorough enough to decide and a great personality to boot. I was on the fence but now I'll buy it. $50, no worries. I have 14 hours I need to cover this weekend at a gratis event in a niche genre. I own hardly any of it. So this will save my A$$. Thanks again.

  11. tallgeese1 says:

    The Windows 10 version is W A A A Y better on the Surface Studio.

  12. MAKE LIVE MUSIC says:

    If you dont have internet whats the point to use this program?
    Use memory stick and and that's it.
    Nice setup!

  13. drmalex87 says:

    12 min til you get to actual mixing lol

  14. Jeffrey Van Laar says:

    Dam dobido da dam 😛

  15. anil Chaurasiya says:

    anil chaurasiya

  16. Dendi Dota says:


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