CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner): How To Clone & Bakcup Mavericks (OSX) Jorge Silvestrini

This video will help you if you need to backup your Mac OSX, either Mountain Lion or Mavericks with a program called: CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner). The program offers a 30 day trial and it does an amazing job! (No I’m not paid to do this by Bombich Software…)

Clone CCC Carbon Copy Cloner Mac OSX Mavericks Mountain Lion Backup Restore


Jorge Silvestrini


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  1. lala lolo says:

    no wonder i cannot boot the os been doing it 3 times d 😑😑 hahaha ty man coz show me that need to off safety delet everything inside

  2. Allen West says:

    "PC" computer have free cloning software like clonezilla !

  3. Rafael Nunez says:

    Jorge, como accedo a éste tutorial, pero en español?

  4. tony pelosi says:


  5. Mr Sparky says:

    all i want to do is backup my administrator account to an external hardrive and then format my macbook and then restore it……… do i format the external hardrive to exFAT for use with windows and use CCC application or just drag and drop…..??????

  6. Prem Krishna Chettri says:

    So my question here is, can I retain my installed software's as well? I am asking in a context of upgrading to new SSD and retaining currently installed MS office and Adobe software packs as I lost the software keys and dont wanna purchase again

  7. Rudy Taylor says:

    I have a problem, can anyone help me. My Mac book pro has 750gb of storage and I want to use this drive as my secondary drive. ((I only need the 425gb of music off this drive ))

    I have a brand new 250gb Samsung SSD and the I would like to use as my main drive because it will access data faster.

    How can i make a new bootable drive on my new drive? {Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E250B/AM)

  8. weshakeandbake says:

    Thanks for the video, I'm looking to copy my entire studio setup on my new 15" Macbook Pro. I have an older 13" and an iMac in work. I want all machines to be identical (copying the new macbook pro with same plugins/applications etc)

    Is it possible to CCC my new 15" Macbook Pro and clone it onto my other two machines (wipe them) 13" MBP and iMac?


  9. Detraitive says:

    cheers to 2015, where you can watch 2 years old videos on repairing your 6 years old machine. Thank you for that tutorial, combined with another one i was able to get a new ssd to work without any problems – escpecially in the licences department (I'm looking at you, photshop error 150:30).

  10. Lance Robertson says:

    Thanks this helped alot

  11. jorisjacob says:

    is it true that when you clone your HDD to your SSD, you can just pop the SSD in your macbook and you're ready to go? or do you have to install osx to the SSD as well? Because i would like to upgrade my macbook's storage to an SSD in stead of a HDD. 
    Thanks for the help

  12. Miguel G says:

    Excellent tutorial keep it up 😄

  13. HDPicasso H says:

    Thanks man that video helped a lot 

  14. Scott Calkins says:

    Sorry if this is a silly question, but I am new to the CCC4 world.
    When you do a clone of the OS X drive does it copy all the files on the desktop and the other partitioned drives…ie photos, videos etc that have been created for storage?  I am assuming that if I clone the OS X drive as you have indicated that it will be an exact copy of what I see on my mac now (files on desktop, applications, etc…) is that correct?

    Thank you for any information.

  15. ValSch1992 says:

    Hi Jorge, I have a new external drive, in which I want to clone my mac's contents, but I also want to use the same external hard drive to save other files other than the clone. From what I gathered from your video, if we want to have an exact clone, the drive needs to be be just for cloning? 

  16. Old Sparky Productions Inc says:

    Hi Jorge, I just purchased a refurbished 2012 MBP Retina to replace a mid 2010 17" MBP with an upgraded SSD. I've been using CCC for a few years now – but wondering if I can use this to easily copy everything from a backup drive directly on to the new MBP drive & if there is a video that your aware of that shows this process…

  17. creative_expansion says:

    my mac keeps crashing and my external got erased so i need to back up everything on my external is this the exact way to do it?? when I'm using tie machine i keep getting frozen with 77 gigabytes left and i have to have my mac backed up so i can fix it. any info would be so helpful.

  18. Hector Cuevas says:

    How can I clone the hard drive with out the serial number of photoshop CS6?
    My clone is asking for a serial number!

  19. William Thatcher says:

    Hi Jorge,

    I am trying to clone from a corrupted HDD (it won't even boot into either the drive or repair mode at this point) and pull all the files off of it onto a fresh drive.
    (1) Will i be able to pull them off without corrupting the new drive?
    (2) Do i need to format the new drive to a mac first?
    (3) Will I need to install maverick onto the new drive first?

    Thanks for your help!

  20. Frett says:

    Is it possible to partition the drive (you're gonna clone on) in two separate partitions? One for the files already on the drive (old win7 harddrive) and one for the cloning?

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