Clean Install OS X Mavericks  (USB Flash Drive Installation)

Clean Install OS X Mavericks  (USB Flash Drive Installation) Clean Install OS X Mavericks (USB Flash Drive Installation). Clean install doesn’t mean erase all your data. All apps and files will stay in same place as before!

Assuming that you have the OS X Mavericks installer in your Applications folder, and you have a Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)-formatted volume named “osxmaverick” mounted, you can create a Mavericks install drive by typing the following command into the Terminal.


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How to Install OS X Yosemite Creating a USB Flash Drive Installation.
OS X Yosemite clean install:

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Apple no longer supply a bootable USB Flash Drive for their newest OSX Mavericks operating system, just as they did with Mountain Lion.
Using this tutorial you will be able to create your own bootable USB Flash Drive using Apple’s newest operating system, Mavericks!

Command used in this video:
sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ –volume /Volumes/Untitled –applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ –nointeraction


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  1. Preshan Chatterpal says:

    The code isnt there anymore. I searched at the site but it said page not found. Can somebody help me please?

  2. JohnDeereJosh 01 says:

    i have osx snowleoperd on a usb drive how do i instal it to pc face it ill be happy if anyone who reads this comment to actually reply with good advise

  3. McRom37 says:

    Would I need WiFi to do the download from a USB Flash?????

  4. McRom37 says:

    Hey learn share suppose I bought the USB flash with OSX mavericks :From Amazon. Com would I still have to copy and paste the command for terminal? ???on the Amazon. Com site it explains how to install it and it didn't mention the terminal command or having to go threw disk master X…But that's why I'm asking.Do I have to do it either threw terminal or disk master x….And by the way what will disk master X do to the USB flash????and why would one need to go threw that senerio? ??please reply too know what too do before proceedings. I'm tired of looking g at Yosemite it's just ugly.

  5. McRom37 says:

    I have a MacBook pro13"mid-2012 and bought it with Yosemite installed.But says also "includes "Lion…..will I be able to installed it?I have a USB w/maverick's already.and it's more like a downgrade…
    And I don't see the link to paste for terminal???

  6. Aqua Games says:

    Best text to speech ever.

  7. Anand Cava says:

    how to install cyberlink powerdirector 12 in mac book pro

  8. dermdk says:


  9. Indika Skw says:


  10. jaydeep kukreja says:

    sudo: /Applications/Install: command not found
    Jaydeeps-MacBook-Pro:~ jaydeepkukreja$
    there is a error 
     please help me to fix this error

  11. Rauf says:

    I installed it without the USB flasdrive on my mac book pro with 10.6.8. I didnt do the finder thing. I clicked on the logo/badge from mavericks and it is installing but I think i am going to lose all my progams and other stuff. How can i stop it to install.

  12. Pen Umbra says:

    it's 2017… how the fuck do I buy Mavericks when my computer came with it…and I DO NOT upgrade OSX's due to audio production.???… goood infor btw

  13. mike madison says:

    what happens when terminal says command not found

  14. Daniel Vega says:

    I've downloaded Mavericks via torrent and didnt get a single file as the App Store used to provide, but an "OS X Base System" with multiple files (including the "Install OS X" file), is there any way to make it a single file? Because when I entered the command to make the bootable USB I got an error

  15. hector maya says:

    i try it but i get "/volumes/untitled/ is not valid mount point.

  16. Ser M says:

    heloo im running mac os sierra and i try to make botable mavericks and it says ;The copy of the installer app failed., any one to help?

  17. Palle Lund says:

    It worked, thanks you!!

  18. Dwayne Richards says:

    if you were to downgrae from el capitan back to mavericks would you lose all data on you hdd will you need to back up ?

  19. Sam Pryor says:

    Here's the updated command for El Capitan if anyone needs it: sudo /Applications/Install OS X El –volume /Volumes/Untitled –applicationpath /Applications/Install OS X El

  20. TechAndOSWorld says:

    sudo: /Applications/Install OS X command not found
    xxxxxxxxxx:~ xxxxxxxxxxx$

  21. TurtleRawrrs says:

    Mavericks or any older os, go to your app store and sign in. Look at your past purchases and the installer should be there.

  22. Nithin Mooppil says:

    Where can I download OSX Mavericks ? I couldn't`t find in Apps store. Pls help.

  23. NightHawk Italo says:

    I can't find Maverick OSX installer in Appstore and I was downloaded from internet but it's a "dmg'' file…so how can I use this file for create a bootable USB disk? thank you

  24. Theolyn Warrender says:

    Is there anyone with the installer who can provide a link or talk about a method to transfer? I'm needing the Mavericks installer but of course it isn't provided by Apple any-more :/ I'll be willing to negotiate 🙂 Cheers

  25. mrstrat222 says:

    Great Video, but cannot type in my password in Terminal?

  26. Victor Hugo says:

    I cannot type my pass when in terminal

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