Continuum for Macintosh Review – Classic Mac Games #34 – CMG #34

A look at the 1987 Macintosh arcade shooter Continuum. This game was created by the Wilson Brothers – Randy and Brian Wilson. A port titled Magnetron was released on the Commodore 64 by Broderbund.

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  1. Jesse says:

    This is one of my favorites! When i watched the rest of your reviews a few years ago I was dissapointed there was no continuum.

  2. Charles Sale says:

    lmaooooo the footrub part…

  3. Left Empty says:

    I am so glad I stayed to the end.

    Long time lurker and just thankful for all your videos, as this is just one of those many countries of videogaming I am ignorant about: I got my first Mac Plus in 1991 and was thus quite late to the party. Wishing you the best!

  4. Calm Crazy Guy says:

    Yes your uploading videos again 🙂

  5. Jim Leonard says:

    WAY more production values than is necessary for this kind of material — love it!! I can only hope to approach this level of polish someday.

  6. Draken Stark says:

    This may have been an earlier game by the same people behind OIDS, another game that uses some of the same sounds and gameplay as Continuum. OIDS also has a level editor and looks much better and is in color.

  7. brainstar64 says:

    Beerware. That should be use again someday.

  8. Gameplay and Talk says:

    Beerware = WINNING.

    Why didn't I ever think of this concept?

  9. EqwanoX says:

    really well edited, do gangwars next

  10. Lazy Game Reviews says:

    Best outro ever? Quite possibly.

  11. lisvender says:

    A terrific, informative, and comprehensive review. I'm amazed there are so many classic Mac games that I've never heard of!

  12. Venatius says:

    Those are some niiiice old B&W graphics! I'm really impressed these days by how much some of the "way-back-when" game designers were able to pull off with essentially two colors (or sometimes a few additional shades).

  13. RetroB says:

    This was awesome.. Well done and brought me back! Great video

  14. Architector #4 says:



  15. Ben Dansby says:

    The game I've been waiting for you to do! Thank you, one of your best reviews yet. Here's hoping for reviews of Diamonds, Balderdoush, and MacBrickout in the years to come.

  16. Shicky256 says:

    this game isn't as good as the continuum shooter on pc tbh

  17. hellfire64 says:

    Great episode – answers the question I had with Magnetron as to its origins (as just mentions the Wilsons, but no talk of a Mac original).

    (Though, I'm probably in the minority… but I didn't mind the C64 conversion. Now I need to start investigating further… ;p)

  18. Müller Andy says:

    Great review! 🙂

  19. pacbilly says:

    Another great, high quality video. I meant to ask in your previous vid, where'd you get the Dark Castle mouse pad? Was it a Cafepress deal?

  20. cirestony says:

    I totally forgot about this game. Watching you play brought me back… I think you're officially my nostalgia dealer.

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