Demo: Windows 8 on a Mac

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In this video, I show you how to get Windows 8 from Microsoft and a demo of how it runs on a Mac.
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  1. Izabella Rowdypuff says:

    (sorry for the capitals)

  2. Herthik Prathaban says:

    I Love apple’s Imac design. But i don’t like apple’s Mac OS. So i mixed the
    two and create Windows Mac. Now i love my new computer. Actually apple’s OS
    is very boring with its poor graphics. Thats why i changed it. Thats all.
    Thank You For Reading! …

  3. Daniel Drivon says:

    when your using boot camp with an iMac on the pc side showing videos will
    the quality be HD playing an HD

  4. Shekib Asghari says:

    No. Win 7 good but hard get wifi or something virus sometime but better win
    8 fast wifi, etc open that’s all workk

  5. greenfireHD says:

    New New York is a doctor who reverence

  6. Gabriel Roa says:

    I didn’t know he was really a soldier!

  7. Invitus Aion says:

    Some man want to see the world burn xD

  8. mycriton says:

    Thanks for showing this, I am now running Windows 8 Beta on my MacBook…
    Although lots of programs that I have attempted to reinstall to the new
    Windows OS does not work… Is this due to the fact that I am running it on
    a Mac, or the way I am running it? Or is it just because the Windows 8 Beta
    is still buggy?

  9. iBloximus says:

    Windows XP is Best!!

  10. munayata38 says:

    ur a PC Racist

  11. 2412rock says:

    yeah no shit?!

  12. Markuz says:

    shit on shit

  13. teamturtle88 says:

    No Xp Is

  14. Luca Mattinson says:

    I must say, I am an OSX user and absolutely love it after switching from
    Windows a while back. However this OS looks incredibly interesting and is
    absolutely beautiful, with the live tiles and everything. One of the best
    products Microsoft has designed in a long time. I may be thinking about
    switching back if apple can’t retaliate! My opinion only so don’t hate:)
    have a good day:)

  15. Smiley Barry says:

    Because VMware Virtualisation is much more compatible with virtualisation
    technologies and operating systems. Plus it’s faster. Obviously, it also
    costs much more. If you have VMware, use that. If you don’t, use VirtualBox.

  16. Rasidi Rahim says:

    Window’s 8 Pro is already out. It’s an awesome OS, Love the interface
    especially the Metro thing. Has a lot of things, you can download phone app
    through your PC, You can buy Movies and Albums. Overall for me it’s 7/10.
    No start button, makes me feel stupid.

  17. Lloyd Franklin says:

    My case is made of cheap black aluminium. £15 case.

  18. Wundzy says:

    Mac is made for like, media and stuff. But gamers (like me) are using PC,
    becuase its so much better to games and better in that way. So both are
    good sorts 🙂

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