Do you need a Mac for DJ’ing?

One of the most asked questions when it comes to digital DJ’ing is “Do I need a Mac for DJ’ing?”. “Can I use a Windows computer?”

Now this is not going to be a Apple vs Windows computers video because I don’t care. Use what you want to use. I prefer Mac.

So to keep it simple; yes, you can use a Windows computer. No, you don’t need a Mac!

There are a couple you need to keep in mind?

– Make sure the computer meets the minimum specifications that are required to be able to use the software. You can find that info on the product page of the software.

– Look for reviews about the brand AND the specific laptop you want to buy.

– Try to use your computer for DJ’ing only. Keep the computer as clean as possible.

Enjoy the video and share the knowledge!


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  1. Mac Joseph says:

    doesnt matter. you need SSD and 16gb ram

  2. Mando Lopez says:

    I have a Lenavo ideapad Flex-4… its work fine for a couple of week. now when I conected to my Rane 62 it wont switch over to dual decks. I also noticed on my Serato Icon I have 2 blue arrows pointed at each other.. that you have any suggestion's.thank you

  3. Hammam Saeed says:

    i have a very good HP laptop and it could be 5x to 10× more powerful than mac! i use it for both 3D visualzation for the music and mixing at the same time! it works pretty well.

    if you say to me windows sucks i agree! so i would use linux instead, it's free and very Very fast with very minimal errors unlike windows

  4. Josh P. says:

    I have an HP Envy which is fairly new (2 years old or so) and I never have a problem with serato, well sometimes it freezes the display but music keeps playing, i move my mouse and it works regularly instantly .

  5. Akkanaka says:

    Mac computers are for people who don't want to learn anything about computers. They just want an over simplified, uncustomizable computer that can get things done reasonably well…. However if you want a computer that is three times as powerful for half the cost then i would recommend PC!!! 🙂

    Another thing is that Mac computers are more of a status symbol then anything else……. Why would you spend $2,500 bucks on a Mac when you could build a PC with the EXACT same specs for around $1000???
    It is just like those people who spend 10s of thousands of dollars on some fancy, flashy piece of shit car instead of spending a couple of thousand and getting a car that does exactly the same as the $50k, on'y difference is it doesn't look ridiculous or cost $50k………. Some people are just to stupid to be trusted with a lot of dosh…

  6. SehxualPanda Thompson says:

    computer knowledge is key. knowing what the hardware components inside the laptop are will not only give you a solid understanding of what your laptop can do, but it can also future-proof your equipment and you can avoid being sold a lemon by your local Best Buy tech. I'm currently using a 2-in 1 laptop, Toshiba Satellite Fusion L55W/C5153 it's a tablet/laptop and Virtual DJ 8 has tablet functions available (of course i use it with a controller, but a touch screen opens up so many avenues). Another thing to consider when buying a laptop is to make sure you have more than enough Gigs of storage for your entire music collection, and also make sure that the solid state drive is swappable and not built-in to the laptop motherboard.

  7. Layla Morningstar says:

    I use Dell and never failed on me once people just wanna look like the next greatest dj out there .my Dell cost $700 and never regret it just upgrade hardware and you'll have a great long lasting laptop. cheers it's possible people.


    You can use any laptop for djing u just have to upgrade the HARD DRIVE to a SSD and your good to go

  9. Skyler Montage says:

    I have hp

  10. Nitesh Mhatre says:

    I always heard if u want to start DJ carrier you need Mac. Yes mac is reliable & everything Apple provide in mac is way better than windows but i still don't get it. Why to use Mac. Thought your video will ans that but no ans.

  11. Scene Records says:

    I have an HP that's shitting it's self barley runs but it still runs serato smoothly

  12. Bruno Pontecorvo says:

    At the end the laptop or the OS or the apps/programs don't do the dj……

  13. Mahmut Ilgeroz says:

    What I can say is if you have the money Buy a Macbook i5 or i7 Upgrade the ram and HDD/SSD I use Serato DJ and on the mac I noticed It works smooth like it's more optimize for mac then windows. Macbook give you the opportunity to cool your CPU with a program and you can set your own rpm for the fan or sensor based. on the 15" you have 2 fans which are bit better for cooling but not need the newest more like 13"' late 2011 or 2012 are okay to and sure windows is more free stuff but look how many updates you get while mac has almost non which says that mac is more stable and less attractive to attack (virus and stuff). But this is just my thoughts don't need any thoughts about it I use windows and mac software.

  14. icontv23 says:

    man please if the industry start telling motherfuckers they need a pac man video game to dj with they would start doing it

  15. TRNQUL says:

    What ideal specifications should I have to run Traktor and Ableton without latency?

  16. Arist Pioneer says:

    I'm using HP i5? Does it work good?

  17. DJ Fire Snake says:

    i gues apple is better is use also mac because i get it from my parents

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