Don’t Buy the New MacBook Pro! (2016)

Don't Buy the New MacBook Pro! (2016)

The new 13″ MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar is a pretty bad deal, all things considered.

0 off new MacBooks at B&H:

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  1. Gareth Chua says:

    anthony martial

  2. RadioPhil says:

    Where did you find 2015 macbook pro for 1200 or 700 dollars? we definitely shop on different streets… the cheapest macbook pro on the us ebay with 2,8 processor costs around 1900 wtf?

  3. Kaff231 says:

    My son bought a laptop for me as a Christmas gift. Knowing I wanted a laptop that gives you your money's worth he decided to get the Mac Pro 2015 model because he was very disappointed with the new Mac Pro too. He said the current Mac Pro just wasn't worth the money.

  4. Wisdom Wissy says:

    My fellow igbo man… keep on the good work

  5. Iqbal Maulana says:

    anyone relize his face really looks like anthony martial, haha peace

  6. lakorai2 says:

    Soldered SSD…, Wow Apple. A $2500 laptop is not disposable. If my ssd fails i would be fucked if i bought your laptop. On a Zbook Studio G3 or a Dell Precision 5810 I wouls juat replace the m.2 nvme ssd with a better drive….for $200 rather than $2500 for a new laptop

  7. Brandon Ho says:

    U look like Austin Evans

  8. Greg Profitt says:

    Maybe I am in the minority but I prefer the new keyboard style..

  9. Duco says:

    hey could you tell me you friend who you got it form lol seriously I would love to save the same amount of money you saved.
    P.S your videos are great man keep up the good work man I love watching your videos, wish you had more subscribers because your reviews are really up there with the best of youtubers who also do reviews but you earned my sub man.

  10. Courtney Henley says:

    Darn just got it. Gonna return and get the 2015 need the SD card

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