Downgrade From Lion To Snow Leopard

How To Downgrade To Snow Leopard, if you need to.
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  1. sirrobicaraveo says:

    Today I went to a shop to downgrade El Capitan to Snow Leopard because I am having trouble with my iMovie and iPhoto.. The people at the shop (Mac Shop sales & repair) told me that it is IMPOSSIBLE to downgrade.. I went home really upset, then I thought of searching on how to do it via internet. And I found your channel.. As I am writing this post, I am waiting for the downgrade to finish just 28 minutes remaining! Thank you CultofMactv !!! Cheers !!! You mad my day !!!

  2. William Paton says:

    Everytime i put i the disk i just get stuck on the apple loading screen. and my disk is os x 10.6.3. Help me please.

  3. Pablo Achivare says:

    What happen with the software you actually have if you select "erase"? For example Logic Pro

  4. Karīna Grudula says:

    Thank you! Finally found a video explaining exactly what I needed.

  5. DeLorean says:

    if I don't have important files or need to back anything up what steps do I skip . . I want to downgrade from El Capitan to Snow Leopard, I don't have Time Machine or a backup cuz I don't have a need for it. But I have the 10.6 Snow Leopard CD on me, 3:13 Do I select "GB Hitachi HD" — and "Erase" ?

  6. John Johnson says:

    will this process work for going back to snow leopard from El capitan? El Capitan makes my computer run SO much slower, AND the system basically sucks. I need to get rid of El capitan

  7. Charly19 says:

    It works

  8. Curtis Carswell says:

    It worked perfectly!!!!


    I love you men, thank you very munch!!!

  10. Стефан says:

    ora spiegami dove si trova il download 
    sto bestemmiando che non esiste un download dove puoi scaricare os x leopard e snow leopard e comunque non si chiama dowgrade la parola è solo per i dispositivi iOS 

    questo si chiama installazione !!!!!

  11. Edo Henríquez Segovia says:


  12. Airjordany2k says:

    will this delete my windows 7 bootcamp?

  13. PaRu Royal says:

    if i downgrade it from the disk then i will lose all my fles?

  14. Garrett Bradley says:

    mine says 30 min remaining and it never updates i water hours and nothing

  15. HawtRhyme1969 says:

    i luv snow leopard ;3

  16. Seigo1224 says:

    Never mind I found it in my closet!

  17. Seigo1224 says:

    I lost my disc! I guess I am stuck with Mavericks ;(

  18. Craig D says:

    I am om Lion 10.7.x now my iPhone 5s bugs my to enter an Apple ID almost every time I try to use it.  If I went back to Snow Leopard would I speed up my computer and resolve the Apple ID police force?

  19. SMGJohn says:

    My Macbook Pro gives me these warning sounds when I boot the Snow Leopard installation disc from the boot menu. Any idea why it does this?

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