Factory Reset any Mac in under 3 minutes!!

Thanks for watching hope this helps
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  1. Virginia Fulkerson says:

    That was great thank you!
    this is the only video that actually told me what to do 🙂

  2. somecoolyoutuberwithnosubsorvideosbecauseitdoesn'thaveachannel says:

    How come you still have a 24” iMac?

  3. Brenda G says:

    Does any one know why it says “this item is temporarily unavailable” after i put my apple id and press sign in? Please help me

  4. UR0-kAI Austin says:

    Thanks for your help dude great

  5. Tnxm Roblox says:

    Thanks for fucking up my pc!

  6. VINSTER132 says:

    Didnt work

  7. Darn Cat says:

    Thanks for reminding me about that one. My iMac from 2012 is so bad about powering up that im afraid to ever shut it off. This seems to be the most reliable method of getting it to turn on and i had forgotten it (so long its been since i dared shut it down) and was really bummed. Thanks!

  8. Veronica Cleary says:

    Worked for me! I had to wait until after the startup chime to push Command+R, but everything went smoothly. Thank you!!

  9. Cesar Lopez says:

    Just listen to him and you'll be fine remember if your iMac is slow, wait, wait, wait and it will work

  10. SHAK'n'AK Z says:

    My mac is stuck on signing in go app store. I clicked i forgot and has been loading for ever. Someone help asap please!!!!

  11. Pete C says:

    Would have been helpful if you would have warned us that an internet connection was required BEFORE starting this procedure.

  12. smorrow0816 says:

    When I got to install the OS, the only hard drive that appears is the "recovery HD".  The Macintosh HD is not there.  Where is it?  I can't load the OS on the recovery HD.

  13. Ashley Juelg says:

    When I do this, a grey lock comes up instead of the disk utility..?

  14. thayalan thaya says:

    this item is temporarily unavailable try again later

  15. Julieta Gonzalez says:

    Mines is stuck in 5minutes and nothing installing can some one help me😭😭

  16. Jordan Rismarinandyo says:

    why after pressing command+r still won't go to recovery mode?

  17. Shadow The Black Panther says:

    What if u don't remember ur pass word?

  18. Randy says:

    Note: This only works post Lion, not Snow Leopard or before.

  19. JVONROCK says:

    It's 3am, I thought I stopped doing this years ago, and here I am, and I've got what I need thanks and thanks

  20. BHO710iLiFeRrL GeAr-HeAd says:

    my mac mini is beyond slow i want to restart it but dont know how to retrieve my apple ID, I dont no how i can get my system going again without this apple issue and my comp literally went rotten when for months they pushed a update on me. ITS SLOW but i love it and wanted to upgrade the ram its the mac mini 2.3 id like to upgrade but nothing this difficult where apple slows your machine down

    please let me no how i can fix this thank you

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