Filthy Frank – Mac Computer’s Confession

Filthy Frank - Mac Computer's Confession

In this clip, Filthy Frank is instructed by the poetic confession of Overpriced Mac Computer who seemingly has a conscience of it’s own. The perpetual revelation of the darkness of Humanity as discussed by OMC leads Frank to rudely ask for it to shut up.
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  1. David Kohout says:

    Where can I get the song

  2. GhostChamberR3 says:

    Could someone tell me how to get thay voice generatonr I have been looking for it for a while now, thank you

  3. Pianostick 069 says:

    I cannot relate more

  4. tinday says:


  5. VISUAL CANCER!!!!! GAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Please tell me the background piano music is

  6. tinday says:



    i should write a book full of philosophical robot mologs

  8. Ya Boy says:

    what's the song

  9. A salty sailor says:

    everything is temporary, holy fuck that hits hard.

  10. pol666 ᴴᴰ says:

    This robot is worse phisicology than simon on cry of fear

  11. ippo says:

    I legitimately cried, holy fuck.

  12. DonutKop says:


  13. Some Undertale Fanfag says:

    SHUT THE FUCK UP NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR ROBOT FAN FICTONS! KNOW YOUR FUCKING PLACE… TRASH! Fucking robots, don't give a shit about no robots.

  14. Aditya Bhola says:

    I remind myself "everything is temporary, everything will eventually rot away" every day. Its stuck in my head help

  15. Jerb Vee says:

    Why is the computer so deep?

  16. Edups Galore says:

    Clair de Lune playing in the background

  17. Le WEIRDO SKITTLZ says:

    name of sad song?

  18. Maximilian Peitsmeyer says:

    Honestly this is one of my favorite Frank moments.

  19. jtrev492 says:

    open the pod bay doors mac

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