Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere: Best Video Editor?

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— Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere: 12 things you need to know… —

When it comes to Video Editing Software, I get asked all the time “which is better – final cut pro or Adobe Premiere?”.

I personally use BOTH Premiere and Final Cut. Each has it’s own strengths and weaknesses for different projects, and getting the best out of both packages saves me a ton of time working across a broad range of video projects…

But for the vast majority of editors just one is enough, and deciding which is the best video editing software for you and your ideal editing workflow can be tough.

In this video I run through my thoughts on both editing packages, focussing on the 12 things you need to consider when choosing between Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro!

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  1. Dat Panda says:

    How did you make your lower third?

  2. Família Oliveira says:


  3. Manthan Vora says:

    is final cut pro available for Windows?

  4. ChrisLeeTV says:

    I was on the fence about which editing software would work for me, this helped a lot.

  5. Vah B says:

    Dude…if it's taking 40-50 mins to save a video it means your PC has sloooow hardware. What are the specs of the PC used for Adobe Premiere?

  6. Kaige Productions says:

    Final Cut also works on a NAS, you should connect your NAS with a FNS protocol. Works buttery smooth, it even works with only a Wifi connection (not recommended though for stability).

  7. sooraj trivedi says:

    Hi Justin , it's been years working on FCPx but never ever could I forget the comfort and ease of tracks, or may be the way I think is based on classification or layers, so FCPx although very powerful in several aspects I always had to mould or emulate my work flow or thought process according to theirs , …… had they also got a track interface I would have switched over to it any day……One thing just cannot be denied even when you surf the net that there are several things that you have to do the different way that you think is so straight with a track interface… wonder entire net is full with questions like ,how can I lock a layer how can I independently move clips around in upper or lower layer , how to be able to see the entire cellular look of your project just in front of your eyes rather than hidden somewhere and more than being able to edit any corner any time , you have to worry to stack and group your work every moment to be able to unfold it neatly later …..else you will realise that now if I break the compound clip all transitions would be gone or now if I move one clip I have to be care full about the entire damn project , still I admit I have to be extra careful in my workflow ………it is not instinctive …….well unlike fcpx which editing software with tracks is the most professional according to you ……?

  8. Vai Brothers Masti says:

    I need this. but I don't know download link

  9. Timberland Collections says:

    thanks ..

  10. YLK Rubiks says:

    is it worth getting final cut for my kind of vids (i used to use imovie but now i use hitfilm 4 express

  11. N F says:

    why are you pronouncing 'projects' like that.. it sounds stupid.  Proooojects.. its projects. Type in google translate and listen.  This is how you say projects.

  12. Maxim Chernykh says:

    Final Cut Pro – simply and fast for vlogers
    Premiere pro – for pro montage and a bit effects

  13. Joke Zerious says:

    Damn! You look like Chris Martin from Coldplay

  14. Lee Gee says:

    hey justin,
    Ive heard that adobe premiere pro 4k editing lags pretty bad on a macbook pro even the most high end level?

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