Finding The Right Laptop PC For Music Production | WIN/MAC

We cover specs and other things to look when buying a new desktop or laptop for music production. This year we talk about Apple products and Window production (including the viability of iPads for beat making). This is the 2017 edition of a popular series on this channel. We travel to the local Best Buy since it’s the only retail store with all the goodies on hand. This video was shot with the Sony a6000. No color grading or additional cameras. All the music production was done by me. The time stamps are pinned to the top of the comment section. Thanks for watching

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  1. Ave Mcree says:

    Ok this video is pretty long but I promise it's informative and entertaining. Here's the time stamps.(No Spoilers)
    Thanks for Watching

    0:00 Intro
    0:25 Spec's/Processor/My laptop
    1:25 Hard Drives
    2:35 RAM
    3:00 Laptop size, Portability, and SD card readers
    4:12 Traveling to Best Buy
    5:07 Cheap and mid-tier laptops
    7:14 A great laptop
    8:22 MacBooks
    11:38 iPads????
    12:54 Desktops
    15:40 Outro

  2. schifferu says:

    Would an ASUS N580VD-DB74T be a good laptop for music production? Just came across your vid, been looking for something but I'm not sure since I don't know much of these specs (barely getting the gist of it).

  3. renyjacobv says:

    Hi1 TB fusion drive in iMac is enough for music production

  4. Chinob says:

    Would all of these laptops on your list also be good college laptops

  5. Riyana Washington says:

    Do you think the ipad would be a better choice than a laptop?😭i want to get the ipad for school ,art & music but idk if it would be as good as a laptop & i dont want to buy both

  6. Jade S says:

    im on an old imac like 2009 and ive been having lots of problems lately.. thinking about making the switch to pc though. Seems like way more power for the price.

  7. Diogo Fagulha says:

    Rog 503 is good? Record and mixing rap vocal?

  8. Sandi Mardiansyah says:

    i'm still using mid 2012 macbook pro non retina for music production 😀

  9. Stanzin Yontan says:

    make sure the laptop has 4 cores ie quadcore processor and not dual i got tricked by a dell man saying it is quad core processor but it was only dual and in the task bar in windows you can see for dual core its 2 cores 4 logical processors so be aware of that guys you can run some other programs as well in the quadcore or more is great!

  10. Stanzin Yontan says:

    my laptop has 16 gb or ddr4 ram but on some projects with high cpu usage it showing around 79% usage etc or more but when i go to the task bar its not using that much ram only around 5 gigs of ram lol wtf is happening??????

  11. Civil Days Music and Sound Design_CDME-SD says:

    This was a good and informative video!

  12. My Audio Marketplace says:

    I have used both PC and MAC. However, I have converted to MAC because of music production and graphics work. I am starting to get annoyed with APPLE soldering HD and RAM now so no upgrading.

  13. PooperSnooper Dooper says:

    Can you do review on BigKick?

  14. Sofoke Beats says:

    What about a razer blade?

  15. SquareB0t says:

    I'm on a Lenovo Flex 4 that I bought for $300 last year. It has a 2.5gHz i7, 16GB RAM, and a 256gb SSD. The only thing is that it has integrated graphics, but considering its my travel production laptop and not for gaming or video at all, it's a beast. And I get over 5 hours on battery power, its amazing.

    I use Falcon and EW's Play as my main instruments (and SoundToys and Waves for FX), so I needed lots of processing power and tons of RAM. And it's touchscreen and has a tablet mode like the Yoga. I love it! I only hate Lenovo's shitty preinstalled apps.

  16. Abhi Nandan says:

    plz . Suggest me best laptop right now for music production under 1800$ .

  17. Zachariah Tafari says:

    Great video

  18. Dr.Vilest says:

    I am really confused about which laptop is good for music production! Plz help me

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