First Impressions: 2014 Apple MacBook Air 11″

My First Impressions: 2014 Apple MacBook Air 11″

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  1. Matthews Tech Life says:

    Hi All! I have just bought the 2014 Apple MacBook Air 13 inch! Like this
    comment, and video if you’d like to see some new videos on it.

  2. Cyber Mouse says:

    Should I get this or MacBook Pro non retina 

  3. Monsieur Africain says:

    No offence bro, it’s a fantastic video, but I couldn’t help but look at
    your shelf and see it full of Apple products :-)

  4. Trimodic 1 says:

    Is this good for Minecraft only the only game I will put on my Macbook Air
    someone please REPLY!

  5. Santeno Super says:

    U sound like Peter Jackson director of the Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit
    Movies that is Awesome.

  6. hounddoggy7 says:

    You are a great presenter. Still have not decided whether to buy now or
    wait until the rumored update in the fall.

  7. jose Calderon says:

    Great video, but I’m not sold on the screen resolution. I would love a MBA
    11 inch, but the only thing holding back right now is the screen! I think
    that Apple has an announcement next week of their new products and I’m
    hoping that one of them is a MBA 11 inch with Retina display or at least
    FHD. I placed an order for a MBP last night, but quickly canceled it, since
    I want to know what’s cooking at Apple next week, or is it going to be just
    a new I phone announcement? 

  8. John Stramiello says:

    I just got this same model to replace my mac mini. Its got a much slower
    processor but the flash storage really makes up for it. The computer is
    VERY fast considering its “unimpressive” stats, and it actually is pretty
    darn fast not considering the stats. The flash storage really makes a big
    difference. one question. 4 gigs of ram or 8? I only have 4 but its still

  9. Rasbutin7000 says:

    Do you know how to put windows 7 along with apples OS? I saw a guy who had
    apples, w7 and w8 all on it and that would be cool, minus 8. Do you know

  10. H4yabu5a says:

    This is supposedly the “most affordable” macbook air ever and it’s still
    ridiculously overpriced at 899€. Geez, look at the specs of that thing, it
    seems apple costumers lack any knowledge of computer hardware outside of
    their apple bubble. They charge you an additional 200€ just so you can get
    128GB of flash memory more! What kind of price policy is this!?

  11. TinyCupcakes12 says:

    Very good first impression video! 

  12. Cici Rodrgz says:

    Very helpful thank you 

  13. Nocturnal says:

    how is the speaker quality on it? I heard it wasnt as good or as loud as
    the MBA 13

  14. Phil Thomas says:

    Your thoughts please 🙂 macbook air 13″ or macbook pro 13″ for word
    processing photo editing some video editing and a bit of gaming e.g
    minecraft? Which laptop would suit my needs better? 

  15. VENOM GT says:

    Your so AWESOME/RICH!! Rock Onn

  16. Jonathan Domenech says:

    I just picked up an Early 2014 13-inch model as a replacement for my
    17-inch Early 2011 MacBook Pro. The screen is beautiful on this thing and
    I feel as though 1440×900 is perfect for a 13-inch panel. I’ve only had a
    few hours with this computer so far, but I’m liking it quite a bit.

  17. Shahil Chand says:


  18. mmagymratreviews says:

    Great video man!

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