F#@k Iraqveteran8888, TGC, & the NRA (& F#@K MAC 4 Different Reasons)


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A place for people with common interests to come together and discuss their mutual hobbies, tactics, toys, and opinions. All are welcome. Collectors, preppers, serious sportsman, and anyone else that just wants to share.

Original score: Madison Stegall
Super Artwork: Daniel Greenfield
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  1. mrcool70 brown says:

    ur right yankie these back woods red necks all ways vote against things that will help them do to these few words the others are taking your jobs the blacks the mexicans the asains the powers that be plays the game very well

  2. thesourkroutkid says:

    this guy sucks all he does is talk shit he never shoots or gives any useful info unsubscribe people he give gun guys a bad name hes just butt hurt he wasnt invited

  3. Patrick Ballensky says:

    Hilter said gun control is not about guns it is about control!

  4. James Tartisel says:

    I am so glad you speak your opinion and your thoughts. America!

  5. Justin Gammon says:

    The last straw for me was when the NRA caved on bump stocks immediately after Vegas. It's their job to defend our rights just as hard as the left tries to take them. Shows they don't really care.

  6. Levi Stevenson says:

    Finally, someone understands how this works. Fuck the NRA!

  7. Jeremiah Wilson says:

    I dont really care for YM mostly but here he is right. Nothing wrong with making money but being deceptive to viewers and playing the for your rights angle while making said money is bullshit. Its wrong. And they need to be called out

  8. Wendy Marini says:


  9. Ariel Ortillo says:

    made a good point i was at one time an NRA member, not anymore like you said they haven't done anything to protect my rights. Look at Commiefornia, oh by the the government is coming for your firearms so stuck up folk and get ready

  10. powerram92 says:

    Who do you suggest to support then?

  11. LUCASTACTICAL1 says:

    The 2a gives the right to bear arms to a well regulated militia, not just any joe shmoe if you want to be constitutional about it.

  12. calico131 says:

    Lol, subscribed because you where a liberal but not full retard. Well, not so much anymore. Goodbye.

  13. Kyle Michaels says:

    The military is a joke! As are veterans. Fuck trump, fuck america, and fuck you!!!

  14. Digitalbumpin says:

    Stop supporting this asshat Democrat liberal weasel.

  15. Robert McElrath says:

    Just dropped this democratic channel.

  16. Richard Adams says:

    the wish app running ad's on the fluck nra video!! shitt

  17. mike 007 says:

    Think he has a touch of fairy in him..if not get you a diaper grown ass man,what a joke…sounds like a woman,always bitching about something..get real grown ass man..never again will look at your site.you never seems to amaze..lol.

  18. ShadowOfDeath24 says:

    this is literally the most toxic, idiotic channel on YouTube. You should be banned

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