Fleetwood Mac Rumours: Cocaine, Breakups, & Secrets Revealed with Producer Ken Caillat

Fleetwood Mac Rumours producer Ken Caillat opens up about cocaine and relationship breakups during the recording of the legendary record. How the band went from broke hitchhikers to superstardom, and the unexpected tolls that success took on their recording habits is explored, plus we learn the unlikely evolution in the studio that songs like “The Chain,” and “Dreams” underwent. We also look at contemporary music, and try to make sense of how the latest Apple music sharing technology will further shape music, on Antidote hosted by Michael Parker on TheLipTV2.

Ken Caillat’s record production and engineering efforts earned him numerous Grammy nominations and include an Album of the Year Grammy and Best Engineered Album Grammy Nomination for Fleetwood Mac – “Rumours”, the third largest selling album of all time. His recordings have sold over 50 million copies and include such stars as Paul McCartney, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson to name a few.



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  1. james maselli says:

    He's right about what he says about music today. It SUCKS.

  2. Jody Carrithers says:

    I grew up in a time where the album purchase was STILL a big part of the music experience, however, I was probably the last generation that did so. This means I have, certainly, bought PLENTY of digital music as well (mostly because it's really the only practical means to purchase music anymore). But, I can tell you that I have NEVER, not once, NOT paid for the music I downloaded…even when it would have been SO easy. I could never, in good conscience, think that this would be okay…and mostly because, like anything that is just WRONG, most people won't do it just once. It becomes habit and way too easy. I am not saying I'm a saint and have never done anything wrong in my life…but, as music fan…HUGE music fan, I, inherently, knew (and worried right from the start of the piracy problem) that if it was not brought under control that the REAL musicians, the truly talented of the past, present and future would fade away, become increasingly more difficult to find and finally we'd be offered nothing but crap because, in the end, you truly do get what you pay for. Why do you think the only bands that sell out stadiums today are bands that had rather large catalogs long before digital music…bands like Fleetwood Mac, U2, Grateful Dead, even Depeche Mode….they all made MOST of the money they would make on album sales alone prior to the digital age. So now, even if they do make a new album/cd and it doesn't sell well or basically gets "stolen" by internet pirates (thieves), it's not going to hurt established bands like these or, perhaps, they were always a band that made more money on their live shows anyway (like Grateful Dead, for example) Now we just get Katy Perry and Justin Bieber….but, you
    get what you pay for, as I said.

  3. CARLOS F. says:

    The host sucks

  4. Mikey Saint says:

    "Super hard worker". Yeah, right. Groveller.

  5. Kent Beery says:

    another parasite wanting to make money off other people's lives

  6. JosephHF says:

    9:17 I wonder which couple of songs on Tusk he's referring to. "I don't want to be broke", "I don't want to be cleaning lady"…doesn't ring a bell.

  7. doug denslowe says:

    Michael Parker thinks it's all about him and won't shut up.

  8. Glenn Morrissey says:

    Interesting interview. Thank you for posting it.

  9. Pfsif says:

    Great interview!!!

  10. 1besieged says:

    ALL of Fleetwood Mac albums are worth turning up your stereo for, and don't forget Lynryrd Sknyrd w/ Ronnie Van Zant .

  11. 1besieged says:

    This is why I mainly listen to real musicians, : Fleetwood Mac , Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc…. if the singer can sing w/ only one instrument and their voice, you know they are sincere artists…. the ones who write their own songs have their full heart into their songs….. I love 70's music…. I won't ever buy or rarely listen to singers who sing into auto tune.. that is cheating..
    It is like when i was in track, no steroids, no drugs, I ran and won due to practice and my heart.. and for my fans.. you don't cheat in a sport, it is the best man /or woman (my case) if you win, you earned it.. i won't patronage fake singers who are normally off key and use machines to change their voice.. If i want to hear a robot sing i will buy a toy that has a battery that sings it's little robotic song… you fake singers, sound fake,, you just want EASY Lazy made money..

    freedom of speech USA copyrighted material..

  12. TheNaturalust says:

    Ken is such a bad interview, not much charisma. I think he just lucked out with Rumors, the record would have been good without him I'm guessing.

  13. Deen Mia says:

    My favorite album of all time

  14. lru says:

    Fairy dust? That's adorable

  15. paul janssens says:

    Mememe, i and i and me, lousy interviewer. BUT…..great stories and Kens book is super !

  16. William Campbell Pepper says:

    How was Im So Afraid 'very acoustic' on the 1975 self titled? what? it was a rock song..

  17. William Campbell Pepper says:

    This interviewer just wants to keep failing to impress Ken by rambling about how today music production sucks, bla bla.. dude, you're speaking with a guy who worked on Rumours. Talk about the album production of THAT album, not this shitty cynicism we can get in any YouTube comments section. You're not brilliant for your insight or pessimism, sorry.

  18. William Campbell Pepper says:

    When I think of Fleetwood Mac I don't think of relationships going wrong or a 'soap opera', I think of a great rhythm section, Mick and John and their early years which was way before I was born, along with Danny Kirwan and all the truly great albums, which in my opinion were all up to and including Fleetwood Mac self titled of 1975. After that it was a kind of grab-bag with Tusk being the most musically innovative and challenging, yet one of the least catchy and good tracks in between filler on many of the others. Rumours though was pretty over-rated imho.. I may be alone in that though.

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