FREE MacBook Pro Retina plus software — take it

I’m giving away my 15in MacBook Pro Retina to someone who needs it to help jump start their career or push it along further. Interested? Leave a comment below or send me a tweet — referrals are a plus.


Mid 2015 Model
Processor 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

Timmy Ham painting my new MacBook Pro


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  1. Monica Galvan says:

    Watching this months later, but I still wanted to comment and let you know I absolutely LOVE how you wanted to give this to someone who really needed it to get started in their creative career. I'm the same as you in that I needed a Macbook Pro for art school and luckily I had my parents to help me out. Would love to see an update from whoever got it! Like the first cool project they made or something.

  2. Gooch Gulick says:

    Great way to pay it forward, I'm a freelancer who is still using my old 2011 MBP, just had a our 2nd kid & I would love to get hold of a newer MBP that would be more reliable & faster.' Thansk for your consideration.

  3. Ana Ricafranca says:

    Just saw this. Wow! Bless your heart. I would want to have one, unfortunately, I might be too late. 🙁 I've been praying for a new machine. Just in case you want to see my work I have a dribbble account ( God bless!

  4. Lavonne Boatwright says:

    Hi my name is lavonne Baskerville I want to start a Art school for middle school but I don't have enough money for both I really need it if you read this e-mail me at +Lavonne Boatwright

  5. dani musumba says:

    1/3 through the video….subbed!!!!

  6. rebecca says:

    My name is Rebecca Dahill and I am a YouTube and I would like that for editing

  7. Kabral Armah says:

    Hey, if this giveaway is still I really need this because I want to be able to finish strong in college and then peruse my career after. I will pursue graphic design and video production. While Paying for school fees I really can afford to buy one right now. The software I need it final cut. Thank you!

  8. Alessandro Anonimo says:

    This is a great move man, really respect.
    My laptop died like 2 weeks ago and it will be an honor to brong new stories and my effort on your old macbook, It will be great to share this with my team mates too when is needed, it can becaome a laptop for an entire team of creative people who loves to share their ideas.!

    Contact me for more!

  9. UI Developer says:


  10. Lance Lim says:

    Guess I'm 2 months late 🙁 Anyway, God bless you man! Loving your freelance episodes!

  11. Ауез Бибитбек says:

    Hallo, @DannPetty! I'm 23 years old web designer, from Almaty, Kazakhstan. Really, I want this gift from you not just for work, I need it like gift from one of the greatest designer to designer, which want to change world (or my country) through creative project and I will proud that I was respected from designer like you. It will be motivate me.. Thanks!

  12. Arthur Vanackere says:

    I need this machine to give it to my mom because I really love her and I woud really love the tablet!!

  13. Stan Lee says:

    Give me dude. I will use very good.

  14. Michele Arleo says:

    Hi @dannpetty!
    I'm Michele, I'm 31 years old and I am from Southern Italy! Even as a child I always had a strong interest in art, design and typography have been my strongest passions, along with the girls 🙂 hahaha. The situation here in Italy is not the best, especially in southern Italy, here the work as a graphic designer is not really recognized as a true work and often is seen as a waste of time. I put all I always try to improve and more and more money but obviously not enough to improve, then they are "forced" to have to make two other works to study and procure software and PC. Of course, I could never get a Mac Book, I had to settle for a very cheap computer with poor performance. It would be for me really a dream to get a Mac Book! I hope that your work and your earnings go up and up! It would be very nice to be able to advertise your work with all my friends.


  15. Ndidi says:

    Hey! Not sure if you're still giving away the MacBook but I love telling my story anyway 🙂 My name is Ndidiamaka Shinn. I'm 21 years old turning 22 May 12. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to Massachusetts when I was less than one. When I was 12 my mom self deported to attend my grandmother's funeral and I was sent to Galveston, TX to live with my godparents and God sister who is an exact week younger than me (May 19th). When I turned 19 I got married to a US Army soldier and unfortunately now we're getting divorced. I've been working on getting my permanent residency and I plan on joining the Marines to become a naturalized citizen. I've always loved art and when I moved to Texas in 2008 unfortunately hurricane Ike destroyed my house. So all my artwork for destroyed by water damage as well as the computers in the house. So now I'm in Fort Bliss, Texas which is located in El Paso. The only city in Texas that's in mountain time lol. I have 2 dogs names Gator and Gunner. They really love the outdoors. And I'm a photographer. I've been taking photos since I was 16 at the pleasure pier on Galveston island. The company then allowed me when I was 18 to travel with them on what's known as the fair route to take photos in other states. We do LA county Fair in California, Miami Dade fair in Florida, Tampa, even Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida to name a few. Since then I've gotten my own camera but it's been hard to do my own thing without a laptop to edit my photos. I used to have a laptop but we sold it to make up on bills that were pilling up. And that's why I would like a MacBook. 🙂

  16. Anand Prabhu says:

    Hi Danny i would love to have the MacBook Pro!

  17. MrHesiteus says:

    I probably don't fit too much in the profile of these young guys. But I must to say I'm overwhelmed, because I'm older than all of them, and I have nothing in this life. I left everything I've started, and I think this "giveaway" is a really nice initiative.
    I would have liked to read some story of someone older, someone lost, looking for a second
    chance in life. Avid to reach a profession or became their personal hobbies an
    activity that allows him to earn a living. Unfortunately I have not seen that. One of those stories would have fitted more with my own, which I will not tell for modesty and shame. So, I, Dann, just want to thank you your idea, It's really generous, and I hope the person chosen is the one who really needs it most. (I will vote for one of them, too) 😀

  18. Cledson Medeiros FX says:

    Eu adoraria ganhar este MacBook, me ajudaria bastante!
    I'd love to win this Macbook, will help me a lot!

  19. Stephen Jones says:

    My guy @hunter.razo on IG. Was a great employee. Very talented. His wife and him are a photo/graphic duo. They just moved across the country from Indiana to Washington. Recently married. Broke af. That dude deserves a computer. His takes 15 minutes to open photoshop 😱 Wish I could give him one 😏

  20. Sandro Cruvinel says:

    Dear Dann, thank you for the beautiful initiative! I wish you the best. I'm sure this mac will go the right person… 🙂

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