Get Windows 7 with Parallels on Mac Free

Get Windows 7 with Parallels on Mac Free

This is a long process but this will defiantly get Windows 7 on your mac! Ever wondered how Windows 7 will be side by side with OSX? Maybe you need it for work… I got a simple way for you to get it.

Parallels Desktop- (Link Fixed)

ISO Files:

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  1. Gauruv Arora says:

    Please let me know for how many of you this is working for, I might make
    another one soon if a lot of people are having trouble. And also sorry for
    this intro and the voice, hahaha that was the old me.

  2. Gauruv Arora says:

    Ladies and Gentleman. It appears some of you are having problems with this
    tutorial. I have tried it myself again and it was a success to have Windows
    on my Mac. Some people have got it and some haven’t. I am making an updated
    tutorial soon containing new activation codes. In the mean time don’t
    forget to download the right ISO File for your Windows as some has done
    this wrong. LIKE UP SO PEOPLE CAN SEE! 

  3. Live B. Ulfsby says:

    how do you switch from Windows to mac without shutting windows down? When i
    start windows it automatically go into full screen. and then I dont know
    how to not get it into full screen without quitting it. Other than that it
    totally worked ;D Thanks man!

  4. David Burden Jr. says:

    all you have to do is uncheck the second box saying it needs an activation

  5. Purp-dawgs says:

    Hey, +Gauruv Arora, I can’t seem to get your download link to Parallels to
    load, though your isos work great. Can you get me another link? I used to
    use this (,
    but the download was closed by google, and I need it ASAP on my new mac for
    a project due in a couple days. Any help?

  6. Seana Sparkle says:

    how are you sliding back and forth between windows and mac?

  7. david eakin says:

    anyone have a parallel 9 activation key?

  8. Wei Qing says:

    does this work on macbook pro ?

  9. sergio garcia says:


  10. itsmeFox says:

    hi im in need of ur help,, activation keY please.,

  11. John Beast says:

    i think tell me if it work 

  12. bmk9960 says:

    Worked GREAT! thank you so much for your help. only thing is while in
    windows 7 i am having trouble connecting to wifi. any ways of knowing how
    to fix that? internet works fine when plugged in tho

  13. neverenough1415 says:

    thanks really helped and your instructions were very clear

  14. Cronos l Subscribe says:

    I love you. No homo.

  15. Gohar Iftikhar says:

    were did you find the code

  16. Edmund Asuquo says:

    ur soo cool, thanks for the time and effort you put into dis. thumbs up

  17. Mrmudweasel Pro says:

    We all know why he won’t show us his documents xD, Just kidding but
    seriously tho. Good video

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