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Gossips and rumos are the titbits which are entertainment among the people when especially about celebrities and politicians. It may be true or false and it is harmful for the people who are being gossiped about. Gossips and rumors are false news that spread from one person to another or group of people. Gossips are mainly about friends, celebrities and politicians. It may be harmless sometimes but it affects one’s personal life. If gossip is true about someone then it is more hurtful since it has been kept as secret. Rumor is a bit of information spreading from one person to another without verifying whether it is true or not. When it is passed from one person to another it is exaggerated. Spreading false news about a celebrity or any person is form of a bullying.It brings miserable to their life. There are different types of gossips and rumors which are dangerous and more wounding. Slander is a type of rumor that has been made intentionally spreading false news about someone to cause pain. Slander is called as libel when it is in written form.Rumors or gossips about celebrity in magazines are the best example of libel.It is more hurtful and hazardous when compared to others since it is done purposefully to bring one’s life miserable. Another type of gossiping is dishing which is done unintentionally. Without any aim to cause pain to someone, telling something about him or her to others which actually cause pain. It actually brings embarrassement to him or her who is being told about. Fears or Concerns is involved with rumors being told about any life threats.For example, Making an anonymous call and telling that the bomb has been fixed in a school, which is going to burst in few minutes.It may be true or false.It involves with many lives and it leads to bedlam.Likewise Tsunami Threat, Hijacking are some of the rumors which involve with people’s lives and concerns.  Jokes or Wildstories is another type of rumor which is prevailing for many years.It appears to be true but it doesn’t have any proofs. These stories are so interesting and you can hear these jokes or wild-stories in villages. It gives curiosity rather than wounding. Misinformation is the rumor which misguides the people.People who believes that they are telling right things and guide others but actually it just a rumor. This misinformation leads to difficult situation. Cyber-Gossip is more dangerous one since the information is passing to many people in short period of time and it is a crime. It should be taken care seriously. People are spreading these rumors for taking revenge on others or to make others attention towards them. It has also been passed for entertainment purposes.Rumors or gossips should be avoided since it can destroy the trust and affects one’s private or personel life. So, if anyone tells anything we should think over it whether it is harmful or harmless.If it is harmful we should keep it ourselves and give respect to others’ private.  

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (Full Album)

Second Hand News – 0:00
Dreams – 2:44
Never Going Back Again – 7:02
Don’t Stop – 9:16
Go Your Own Way – 12:30
Songbird – 16:08
The Chain – 19:32
You Make Loving Fun – 23:59
I Don’t Want To Know – 27:35
Oh Daddy – 30:54
Gold Dust Woman – 34:45

Lindsey Buckingham – vocals, guitar
Mick Fleetwood – drums, percussion
Christine McVie – vocals, keyboards
John McVie – bass guitar
Stevie Nicks – vocals

Released: February 4th, 1977
Produced by: Fleetwood Mac, Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Mark Pontius says:

    Good thing they had all that drama going on during this. Had everything had
    been lovely and all was good, their music might have been dull and boring.
    Their fucked up relationships saved their musical careers – for a while.

  2. daniel cheek says:

    Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (Full Album): http://youtu.be/DvVznAb9-Ss

  3. Revan Adler says:

    Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (Full Album)

  4. Ms K. Johnson says:

    Love this song and the one before it. Thank you Joy. :)

  5. iza palluau says:

    un bel album que je dédie à toutes les personnes que j’affectionne 😉 biz

  6. Serene S says:

    seen this live.great concert

  7. TatsuoKato says:


  8. Justine OBRIEN says:

    #Fleetwood_Mac Rain washes you clean!
    Now here I go again 

  9. Prem Kabir de La Gomera says:

    that´s is Musik..!

  10. binarystar21 says:

    In regards to “Silver Springs” being left out…no doubt it would of made
    the album that much more better than it already is. It was left out because
    of the drama in the band during this album. Silver Springs was written by
    Stevie as basically a big FU to Lindsey Buckingham. Makes sense they left
    it out at the time. In hindsight, after the fact, watching Stevie and
    Lindsey perform that song live nowadays is magic. Just shows to go ya, the
    crazy amount of tension and drama this great band was going through during

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