History of the Mac OS; part 1

History of the Mac OS; part 1

A small calibration of videos I threw together. It’s main point focuses on the good and bad of the Mac operating system. It also includes it’s so called “rival”, Windows.

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  1. RainbowStar331 says:

    What is the song on 0:17?

  2. sxmboy89 says:

    wats up with d damn background music man. come on!!!!!!!

  3. James A says:

    funny ….watching this on rMBP.

  4. MyAppleSpaceCOM says:

    Added to MyAppleSpace !

  5. Mag gell says:

    …Microsoft Video Editor?

  6. aumkar chandan says:

    Fuck this music

  7. Jake Morton says:

    i luv steve jobs ironic i hate the products

  8. oatwhisk says:

    the uniqueness of apple isn't just from osx, but its hardware too: all in one computer, and their cool design….. I use hackintosh on my pc, but the satisfaction of using hackintosh isn't the same when I use macintosh computer..

  9. Peripheral Vision says:

    LOL "we now offer a mac with a harddisk that goes up to 2MB" its so funny to see how far computers have came

  10. BenTheNo1 says:

    Like if your watching this on a modern Macintosh!!!! <3 R.I.P. Steve Jobs

  11. richard octovianus oey says:

    those machine is really crap in this time.
    we can't even run IE 5

  12. Darius Anderson says:

    what is the song @5::59

  13. Mike Carroll says:

    @zamardii12 @TheModernaComplex Actually, I worked at the Macintosh factory in those years. So the music is relevant if you were there and actually knew some of the people in this video. Sorry you disliked it.

  14. mastroga21 says:


  15. Jason 'Psychedelic Doughnut' Bassett says:

    @Whitegamer009 Ive come across your very old comment, the reason for OS X only being on Mac is because back in 1997 when OS 7 was on clone machines, none of the clone companies wanted to pay a premium price for the OS, Jobs says he asked the 5 times over a couple of weeks, they said no, so he said OK then. they honoured the agreement for the old OS and then released a new OS and it was only on Mac, also you can make a Hackentosh for a much cheaper price then going out and buying a Mac from Apple

  16. Gerisk says:

    R.I.P. Steven Paul Jobs
    Thanks, for everything.

  17. emanuel33e says:

    R.I.P Steeeeve Jobs!!1 You was do more!!!!!!!!!

  18. poom says:

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs

  19. zamardii12 says:

    Wow… what is with the stupid ass music? Completely ruins the video. Disliked!

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