How should Apple redesign the MacBook Air?

With fresh rumors circulating about a new MacBook Air, and a makeover long overdue, what would constitute a great redesign?

The story line seems to be that Apple wants to insert the new portable in between the current 13-inch MacBook Pro and the 9.7-inch iPad, thus the rumors about an 11.6-inch device.

Assuming Apple actually has something like this in the works, I can’t help speculating on the design goals for a new Air. Should it be a hybrid tablet-laptop? Should it be just a smaller, more powerful, more battery-efficient version of the current Air and pack features like a killer display?  apple laptop battery .

But before I go any further, let me say that a recent write-up about the Air is spot-on. In short, unless you use the Air day in and day out (which I do), it’s easy to mistake it for just another pricey ultraportable laptop. What makes it so different? Above all, the finely tuned distribution of weight makes it feel lighter than it actually is (three pounds). And I could go on and on with seemingly fulsome praise. The keyboard (the best I’ve ever used in an ultraportable), the razor-thin but stunning display, and the snappy performance, despite its ultrathin design.

My point? The current Air is a tough act to follow. Possibly one of the reasons (the iPad and the updated 13-inch MacBook Pros being others) that Apple has taken so long (two-and-a-half years) to offer a next-generation Air (or that it may not even bother). HP laptop batteries.

Getting back to what a next-generation Air should be. Beyond the updated processor (Intel ultralow power Core i7?), what would be a good choice for the graphics technology? The Nvidia GeForce 320M in the 13-inch Pro? A step up from this?

And the display? What new, stunning display technology could Apple use? Something analogous to the retina display in the iPhone 4? Or something along the lines of the dual-screen Toshiba Libretto?  IBM thinkpad battery.

And what about wireless tech? 3G? 4G? And/or something akin to Intel’s Wireless Display technology? Then there’s the design dark horse: a product based on the Apple A4 processor, or a variant thereof. But this would likely make it more tablet and less laptop–and as a result it would fall outside of the MacBook brand. So that’s a very remote possibility. What would readers like to see in a redesigned MacBook Air?

The next generation of MacBooks features all-flash storage, a Multi-Touch glass trackpad, a long-lasting battery with up to 30 days of standby time, and a high-resolution display. Now available in 11- and 13-inch models, starting at just 9.

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  1. Daniel Teles Zatta says:

    Compartilho especialmente com os meus amigos +Getulio Jucá e +César
    Aparício Araújo Júnior, que gostam de tecnologia e atualidades.

  2. Iman Suffian says:

    what’s the song? i love it.
    would appreciate if you told me :)

  3. GummyBear16 says:

    Do you ever have to watch one commercial to watch another commercial …

  4. Hiya Theree says:

    I want the new one so bad (13 in) but my mom thinks it will be outdated in
    3 yrs when I need it for college but at the same time I want a laptop for
    school now bc my PC desktop is really old and slow. My alternative plan was
    to get an iPad mini with a keyboard case but I’d prefer this. This would be
    my only xmas present for like 2 years tho lol. It’s worth it. Do you think
    I should go with the iPad mini or the MacBook Air? (I don’t want the iPad
    Air. COMMENT thxx)

  5. septembervirgo says:

    I’m a first time laptop buyer, and so far I’ve narrowed it down to HP,
    Apple, and Razor. However, Razor is obviously a pricey product (worth it),
    but I don’t have that kind of money. My budget is $600 to $1000. HP seems
    very generic and a safe choice. However, Apple is very simple and light in
    weight. So as far as these two go, which would be better? Purpose:

  6. Cebuana7 says:

    Came here because of the bookbook :P

  7. Truthseeker says:

    Please put retina display on it . I want the MacBook pro 13″ for ease of
    travel, but after feeling the Mac air…Damn…retina display pleeeaase!

  8. deven waring says:

    The price starts at 9.99 does that mean on contract I’m confused please
    help me 

  9. louise love says:

    Can you put a cd in 

  10. Gianna Rupnick says:

    I am watching this on my 11-inch Macbook Air! I love the 11-inch display.
    It’s so light and portable and I get so much fast and quick usage out of
    this small device. It’s truly incredible. 

  11. Chloe Garrett says:

    I love how it says “Starting at just $999” like that is the best price for
    this fucked up economy. 

  12. Jamie Murphy says:

    thank you Apple for making a laptop that is light weight and easy to use. I
    just bought one 2 weeks ago and I have to say I love it. I’m able to do
    more than I did on my HP laptop. the price maybe high but its worth the

  13. syahirah shahul says:

    I want this so bad.. Hmmm.. Too bad not rich..

  14. Satoumu Mc says:

    I love the macbook air, absolutely the best thing i ever bought. great buy
    and great battery life. love it

  15. Cherry Gwen says:

    Really afordable.. Pfftt yeahh.. Sure

  16. Wouter Van Dielen says:

    Watching this on my macbook air 13 inch :))

  17. Deepak Dighorikar says:

    Can I play 1080p videos uninterrupted ?

  18. JustDWproductions says:

    Currently in year 11 and next year im getting an apprenteship and this is
    one of the main things I want to buy then I cant wait!

  19. Bien Calusa says:

    Hoping to have this on college. This product is just amazing! I currently
    have an Acer notebook and it sucks!

  20. naig91 says:

    I really can’t get to choose between MacBook Air and MacBook pro with
    retina display. Any help?

  21. Ravesh Dadalani says:

    Buy a MacBook Air you will not regret it I had a hp pavilion and with a
    year the hdd failed the screen dimmed severely and the keyboard and
    trackpad completely failed

  22. aniruddha pandey says:

    It’s very light like air

  23. Gabriela Cardona says:

    i got mine about over a week ago and i love it I’m never ever going back to
    pc i have the macbook air and my iPad touch with retina display
    and my iPod touch with retina display.

  24. Nigel Koh says:

    Got the Macbook Air over the Macbook pro 13″ retina. I Think the biggest
    factor is whether u need the retina screen for photo editing or video
    editing. If you’re doing just casual editing, the Air will do u just fine.
    What’s more the portability, the battery life of 14 hours i got from it is
    just amazing. The Macbook is by far the best laptop I’ve purchased.
    Extremely satisfied

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