How to Build a MAC for $400 – Hackintosh – Part 1

In this video I am going to show you how to build a custom Hackintosh PC for running OS X Mountian Lion. If you like the tutorial please give this video a thumbs up and share it if you can.

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Written Instructions & Links:

Commands to type
mount -uw /
rm /var/db/.applesetupdone
shutdown -h now

Check out ValvexFTW

This is a video on how to hack a Mac computer. This only works for macs as far as I know. It works by first booting into first user mode, then with 3 codes, a new administrator account can be created. The new administrator account can be used to change the password on the old administration account, and grant access to the computer. This can be useful if a password is forgotten, or to impress others. I have done this many times on my computer and it has not caused any damage, but do at your own risk. Check out more of my projects at

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  1. Alpesh Parmar says:

    can you do update video on this?

  2. SSJGGoku10 Roblox says:

    How about graphics card.

  3. Rohit Kumar says:


  4. Luke Rogers says:

    Does this work with El Capitan

  5. Dennis says:

    Dont use those wattage calculation sites. They are never correct.

  6. Spencer 2891 says:

    Graphics card?

  7. bryan martinez says:

    would this be fast enough to use pro tools?

  8. Steven Zhunio-Hoffman says:

    What motherboard are u using?

  9. Martin M says:

    can you use 2 hard drives and have windows on one and on other os 10 ?

  10. Shayaan Mazhar says:

    Can you install el captin on this I know this build three years old so just asking

  11. Johnas says:

    Wtfff u r fattttt😰😰😰😰

  12. Flamed Warrior says:

    who came for pute pie

  13. Jsquare Productions says:

    Can I install El Capitan on my laptop Asus x552c
    i will be using Logic pro x nd FCP
    1. 8 gigs ram

    Brand Intel
    Chipset Mobile UM77 Express
    Cache 3 MB
    Variant 3217U
    Clock Speed 1.8 GHz
    Processor Core i3

    Dedicated Graphics Memory Capacity 1 GB
    Graphic Processor Nvidia GT710M
    Dedicated Graphics Memory Type DDR3

  14. Dankmeister says:

    Root doesn't appear

  15. The Programming Boy says:

    AmazinG!!!! Truely Amazing!!!! Thank a lot…

  16. josh monster says:


  17. DJ M4TriX says:

    Sad thing is that at my high school we have a IT department so the y have the administrators password so if I hack into it: goodbye laptop

  18. Ranson Tham says:

    can you solve the keychain thing, jlaservideo?

  19. Aanglos3115 says:

    I hav a MacBookAir and Single User mode doesnt Work

  20. Hailcloud says:

    Does this still work?

  21. filippx23 says:


  22. Jerry Wang says:

    this is so complicated

  23. BurnedTacoSauce says:

    time to hack into friends account

  24. Kaden McDonald says:

    Guys just so u know this is safe mode it scratches your disk on a mac so don't do it a lot

  25. Mr.Anon5510 says:

    Is it illegal to do this at an Apple Store?

  26. Xander The Gamer says:

    i can use my moms mac now yaaayyyyy

  27. Hello says:

    It inst working my Mac is doomed

  28. Jed Car says:

    They have fixed this, at least for me, to access the code i must sign in with my account

  29. Vexy Gaming says:

    Works great!

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