How to Change IP Address to USA,UK [Mac/PC]

This video teaches you exactly how to change your IP address. It’s very easy. You can do it on your Google Chrome. Watch the video and learn it! And you can surf block sites. Unblock all sites. You can also change your ip address on your mac or macbook. its works for all platform . I learned how to change ip address easyliy. I will teach you how hide you ip address easy hide method. When you hide your original IP address you can get a new IP address. This is best way to get new IP address. No need money just free to get new Ip address and hide Original ip. Watch the video tutorial. Thanks for watching! Sub for More useful videos.

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Watch Mitchell and Webb as PC and Mac!

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  1. vjr vjr says:


  2. MikaellaMC says:

    All countries are locked, please help urgent!!

  3. Kristen Barton-Gould says:

    hey! it keeps showing that all the countries are locked. wont let me use it

  4. Anthony Hobson says:

    "You're funny…"

  5. MrLachned says:

    Haha I came here thinking it was a spoof….it wasn't..:(

  6. TheQsanity says:

    Chinese rice cookers have had the magnetic cord thing for a long time! I actually have a water boiler with one. Apple just stole it and claimed to invent it like everything else. 🙂

  7. DaRandomPerson says:

    What Windows…. OHHHH HE GOT YOU THERE.

  8. Freya Jope says:

    I sort of feel sad seeing David in a wheelchair looking so hurt. Why did they make the PC guy so cute?

  9. evilplummulplive says:

    I don't get these adverts. Windows or Mac is a matter of opinion. Personally I find windows much easier to use and Macs just generally bad, but some people disagree. While mitchell and webb are both brilliant, these ads seem pointlessly slagging off windows.
    sincerely, a stuck up person.

  10. Tom McGrath says:


    Actually, he said he didn't get these adverts, as the "one who had all the funny lines" was the "one you were supposed to hate."

  11. Mitch Grenke says:

    Wait are you serious? Why would they do that?

  12. Mitch Grenke says:

    Yes, well the thing is Macbooks have a battery, don't they?
    But really I do agree with you, except for one little bit.
    I think that much before the cat-power cord incident, you will be regretting your purchase of a Mac, mainly due to it's overall incompetence.
    Not that I really have a problem with Macs, I just wouldn't trust them with anything worth more than a box of matches. Interesting since to get a Mac, one must pay the equivalent of 3000 boxes of matches…

  13. M3IDEH says:

    the actor for apple is atrocious!

  14. shadaesus says:

    Who has their cable where someone is walking in the first place?…

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